Universe Timeline

Constructed over the course of the last four years, the USS Cassiopeia, later rechristened as the Ulysses, is the first Polaris-class starship to enter service. On January 10th, 2394, she launches.

Construction begins on first batch of Polaris-class starships

January 2390: Keels laid for the first batch of Polaris-class starships to be constructed at the Beta Antares Fleetyards in orbit of Bajor. The Starships Polaris, Cassiopeia and Orion are first on the construction line.

Construction enters final stages; Nazir appointed as Captain

August 2392: Captain Keziah Nazir is appointed by Starfleet command to command the USS Cassiopeia and oversee the final six months of construction before embarking on a one year shakedown cruise.

President Iden assassinated; Starfleet placed on high alert

January 1st, 2394: Newly elected UFP President, President Iden Morr, was assassinated by unknown assailants. In response, Fleet Admiral Noah Ramsey places Starfleet on its highest state of alert for almost a decade and construction of starships is sped up.

Ulysses command crew reassigned to Cassiopeia; Ship receives new name

January 2nd, 2394: With the fleet on high alert, the crew of the soon-to-be mothballed USS Ulysses are transferred to the Cassiopeia. Command issues special orders to re-designate the ship as the new USS Ulysses. Final launch brought forward to January 10th.

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