Lieutenant Junior Grade Peter Wilson

Chief Engineer

Vital Statistics

Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Age: 25

Service Data

Starfleet Service Number:
Command Access Authorisation Code:
Voice Authentication Code:

Physiological Profile

Height: 5’7″
Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green

Short in stature, but big in heart. Slightly muscular for a man his size but not powerlifter by any means. Hair is parted neatly ancap to appropriate regulation length. He’s currently clean shaven but his dabbled with sporting a small stubble beard.

Psychological Profile

Personality Overview

Jonathan is generally a friendly, if somewhat brusque, man dedicated to his patients and Starfleet. He has little time for the pomp He has a large heart that far surpasses his stature. He will gladly go the extra mile for anyone that might need anything. At first glance, people may take this as trying to brown nose to get better ranked or status on the ship but once you get to know him, you realize it is just in his nature to try to help in any way he can. Is added enthusiasm and excitement can also get in the way of wise decision making.

Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests

Being the first of his family to enter Starfleet his ambitions are as Grand and as many has the stars in the galaxy. His hobbies include working out in the gym regularly and joining local intramural sports, holodeck hockey is one of his favorites. He also has interest in sciences and takes any opportunity you can tell her no more about the space that surrounds him.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Can be overambitious
Can go too far trying to help and come off pushy.

Historical Profile

Pre-Starfleet Historical Data

Peter at high marks in school oh, well being on the number a number of sporting teams. His family predominantly worked in business. His father meaning accountant and his mother and executive manager, tended to help him gravitate to education oh, where he developed an interest in The sciences. His brother follow his Father’s footsteps and went into accounting and his sister went into med school and married another med student and both became doctors. Peter couldn’t help but look up at the stars and desire more. He was the middle child hand following the family in business just did not satisfy the urge to travel the Stars. Curiosity finally got the better of him and with his marks he enrolled in Starfleet and was accepted into the officer program.

Starfleet Service Record

USS Ulysses – Operations
USS Ulysses – Chief Operations Officer


Player Awards

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