Lieutenant J.G. Marcus Miridon

Chief Science Officer

Vital Statistics

Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Age: 32

Service Data

Starfleet Service Number: HK-156-909
Command Access Authorisation Code: Myrmidon-Alpha-Zeta-Light
Voice Authentication Code: Miridon-Myrmidon-Omega

Physiological Profile

Height: 6’8″
Weight: 232lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Thin, long-limbed, though somewhat hunched in his walk. Not toned, muscularly, but nimble and quick.

Small, near-tucked-away ears and a wide smile that stretches almost all the way back to them. His eyes are polluted pools of brown. Hair worn in a long, dreadlocked ponytail that reaches past his shoulders.

Psychological Profile

Personality Overview

Hard-headed and relentless in the pursuit of his studies. Marcus is an ideologue, and isn’t afraid to back down from superior officers – which has worked to his benefit and his detriment, depending on the officer. Once a carefree and listless individual, Marcus is now over serious and over dedicated, focused on his family and his career and nothing else. Though friendly and capable of making small-talk, Marcus doesn’t seem willing to make friends. He’s aboard the ship to work

Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests

Marcus wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a starship Captain.

He loves basketball, ancient African history, and researching disparities in starcharting practices. Very much a family man, Marcus spends as much time possible with his young son, DaJon, and his husband, Tom Thiely.

Strengths and Weaknesses

+ Relentless Researcher – when crunch time comes around, Marcus can operate almost like a synthetic; no sleep, little in the way of liquids – just hard work and a lot of reading.

– Mental Uncertainty – Though Marcus does his best to paint the picture of a well-kept, confident man, he isn’t – the death of his wife a decade ago, along with the recent attacks on Mars and the Utopia Planitia have shaken both his faith in life and in the Federation. This has translated to a relative uncertainty about his own work, and threatens to effect his hardworking nature.

+ Respecter of Life – Marcus respects life on a micro-scale, and his scientific endeavors have been hyperfocused in attempt to observe, understand and preserve every life organism.

– Authority Issues – Not consistent in his career, but worth noting that Marcus has foregone the orders of officers in favor of his own efforts, and has toiled at the bottom of the career ladder for it.

+ Quick Head, Quick Feet – A skilled athlete, Marcus relies on finesse as opposed to power; his reliance on the sciences is a natural extension of his nature. He thrives on being “the idea guy”.

– Withdrawn Loner – Aside from his husband and son, Marcus has resigned himself to nothing else but his work. He’s friendly enough, but aside from small talk conversations, Marcus is most unwilling to maintain any relationship but a work relationship.

Historical Profile

Born aboard the medical bay of Captain Damarcus Miridon’s USS “Marmaromenos”, Marcus spent the first several years of his life aboard starships – until the Dominion War. It was here he first became enamored with the mysterious expanses of space; he was a voracious reader and a well-known prankster aboard the ship.

Marcus moved to Earth with his grandparents and mother. Sanna would open a restaurant in Buenos Aires, and Marcus would spend time between waiting tables to read starcharts and try and find his father in the sky.

Damarcus would return home a crueler, more tired man, retiring from Starfleet under honors in a ceremony he couldn’t bring himself to attend. In fact, when Marcus announced that he planned to attend the Academy in his own right – something he assumed would please Damarcus – his father responded with a sad silence, and never spoke of it again.

Marcus became well known around campus for being as amiable as he was ambitious – and a terror on the basketball court during intramural games. Sometime during his tenure at Starfleet Academy – after the first birthday of his son, DaJon – Marcus and his wife, Hannah, were both involved in a shuttle crash in the middle of a training exercise. Marcus, the pilot, sustained mostly superficial wounds, outside of heavy nerve damage to his right arm which persists today. Hannah was killed on impact.


Player Awards

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