Lieutenant Elleese Elloyia

Chief Counselor

Vital Statistics

Gender: Female
Species: Betazoid
Age: 30

Service Data

Starfleet Service Number: EE-65343452-B
Command Access Authorisation Code: Elloyia-6-4-Lima-Tango
Voice Authentication Code: 

Physiological Profile

Height: 5’4″
Weight: 118lbs
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Silver

Elleese is not a large person, about average in height and slender, almost fragile in stature. She has unusually colored eyes and hair, both being a sort of silver-grey-shade. Her skin is pale, and she is “pretty enough” but otherwise unremarkable.

Psychological Profile

Personality Overview

Elleese projects an image of serenity and calm, but few are aware of how exhausted she is inside. At all times, she has to maintain the telepathic “shields” that keep her from hearing everything around her and going insane. This is a semi-conscious effort, and there is little that the medical establishment can do for her without muting her senses entirely. And despite the toll it takes, she is not willing to take that step.

She is very friendly and receptive to people, although it takes a while for anyone to realize that she’s not as “open” as she seems. She listens and encourages people to share with her, and they seem to do so on some deeper instinct, and she seems to share back but it’s rarely anything too deep within her. She is very guarded of herself, because she has to be. It can make it hard to make meaningful personal relationships, but it makes her a good counselor.

Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests

Ell is a woman of simple ambitions, already having done what she has chosen to pursue when she chose to pursue it…or had done more than she’d ever wished to. Her goals with her life are to be the best she can at her job and to help as many people as she’s able; to use her experiences and her tribulations for good instead of letting them weigh her down. The only other thing she knows of is to perhaps learn how to better control her own abilities and not let it fatigue her so much.

Hobbies & Interests: All quiet pursuits. Reading. Listening to music. Holo-programs of quiet, isolated mountain locations.

Strengths and Weaknesses

-good listener
-calm and collected
-very strong psionic power

-constant struggle for empathic balance
-very guarded
-can be aloof
-equally limited physical prowess

Historical Profile

Pre-Starfleet Historical Data

Every species has its genetic mutations. Its elemental breakdowns that mutate and form in ways that are contrary to how the rest of the species is formed.

The Klingon augment virus created generations of these persons, and the Vulcans led to the Romulans and the Remans. Sometimes these mutations are small and somewhat more common than others, such as an eye color. At other times, they are more drastic.

…and then there is Elleese Elloyia.

For the Betazoid people, their historic mutation is the rare birth of a telepath who has all their senses turned “on,” when normally, telepathy does not mature until a Betazoid’s adolescence. This is very uncommon, but it has been known to happen a handful of times. These babies are always in for a long, difficult life, but Elleese had the misfortune of being born a few steps beyond even that.

Born in 2363, it was obvious from the start that Ell was different. Unlike every other of her species, she had grey-silver eyes and grey-silver hair. She would later be called the Betazoid equivalent of an albino. She was small and frail, and often distressed. Her parents didn’t know what was wrong with her for years, until she was old enough for a proper neurological test which showed that her para-cortex–the center of a Betazoid’s empathic and telepathic abilities–was showing input and output more like a fully-grown adult’s than a child’s.

When she was five, she was moved to an isolated retreat in the mountains where she could be more at ease and learn how to control her out-of-control and surprisingly powerful abilities. She fared much better here than she had at home in the city.

Until 2374, of course.

The Dominion War was blazing its way across Federation space, and in 2374, Betazed fell and was occupied by Dominion Forces. As a planet and a people peaceful by nature, this was contrary to everything that they were. In 2375, they finally were able to repel the Dominion, but it stretched the boundaries of their species’ ethics…and Elleese’s abilities were part of that push, despite that she was only eleven. It’s not something she likes to talk about now, even if as a counselor she rationally knows that she should.

Doctors and counselors often make their own worst patients, after all.

When Elleese was fifteen–five years after going to the colony and four after the end of the occupation, Ell got to go home. She had control, if tenuous at times, over her abilities so that she could function as a “normal” person in the day-to-day course of life. She enjoyed being full time with her family for a while, but she began to desire a purpose. So, she chose to go to school. By seventeen, she was enrolled in a psychology degree at the University of Betazed.

After five years of intensive training, she graduated and worked in the private sector before the planet began to feel…small. This was when she made the decision that surprised everyone around her: she wanted to join Starfleet.

Starfleet Service Record

And that’s exactly what she did.

At the age of the twenty-three, she was enrolled at Starfleet Academy and studying to be a counselor for a Starfleet ship, station, or colony. It was…unusual and a difficult adjustment to be around so many non-Betazoids, but she eventually found her place and her coping mechanisms. She graduated four years later at the rank of junior lieutenant, which accommodated the degree she attained prior to the academy.

Now, Elleese has attained the rank of lieutenant and the age of thirty. After three years serving aboard the USS Freedom, making it through some difficult times yet receiving the respect of her captain, she is ready to move on to the next challenge.

USS Freedom, Assistant Counselor (3y)


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