Lieutenant Adam Paxton

Chief Flight Operations Officer

Vital Statistics

Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Age: 29

Service Data

Starfleet Service Number:
Command Access Authorisation Code:
Voice Authentication Code:

Physiological Profile

Height: 1.911m
Weight: 82kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Lean and well built Adam keeps himself in shape. He is of about average height with short blond hair, he occasional grows his facial hair but is normally clean shaven.

Psychological Profile

Personality Overview

Adam was outgoing as a child but while his siblings quickly took the family business Adam never wanted anything to do with it. He excelled at sports and captained the velocity team that eventually won the sector cup his final year of high school. His relationship with his family is strained and his father hasn’t spoken to him for several years following his decision to join Starfleet instead of the family business.

Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests

Strengths and Weaknesses

Historical Profile

Pre-Starfleet Historical Data

Born in 2362 on New Seattle Colony, Adam was the third of three children born to Michael and Dianna Paxton. The Paxton’s ran the family business, which was actually a massive corporation across the entire Terradus Sector. Growing up his parents, especially his father, held him and his siblings to a very high standard, and there was the ever present expectation that all three children would join the family business and eventually take it over.

While his older brother and sister took the planned life their parents laid out Adam always rebelled against it. He was an exceptionally bright child, having both his brothers charm and his sisters head for numbers. When he reached his teens he knew his parents wouldn’t accepts his dream of leaving New Seattle and joining Starfleet.

His father in particular had a very low opinion of Starfleet, made up of those who couldn’t “make it on their own.” He kept his plans quiet and managed to keep the fact that he took the entrance exam from his parents, until the recruiter showed up and the family estate with his acceptance package. His father was furious and forbid Adam from going, but having recently turned 18 he knew there was little his father could do to actually stop him.

Starfleet Service Record

At 18 and one-month old he arrived on Earth for Starfleet Academy, he had managed to bum a ride from the family of a school friend as his father cut him off from the family’s considerable assets. He scored well all around in his first year, and his advisor tried to get him to pursue engineering, however he had his mind set on piloting. He had loved it since his first time behind the controls of one of the families shuttles back on New Seattle.

He continued through his academy training and finished in the top third of his class, earning him a posting on the newly commissioned Nova-class USS Corona. The research vessel was deploying on a two year mission to study several unique stellar phenomena. The Corona had been outfitted with the latest metaphasic shielding allowing it to get very close and spend extended periods very close to high energy stars. This meant long hours at the CONN making sure the ships didn’t get destroyed by a solar flare.

The entire department got use to the long hours and when the mission was concluded in 2384 Paxton was promoted and made Deputy Chief aboard the Corona. He would remain her for another year before being transferred to the Intrepid-class USS Ottawa as their Chief CONN Officer.

The Ottawa was part of Starfleet’s force along the Cardassian boarder, providing security to the Union as part of the terms of the Dominion surrender. In his year here they vessel was involved in a number of combat sorties and rescue missions, he earned commendation during his tour here and when the Ottawa went in for refit he was assigned to the USS Kumari.

He spent two years on the Kumari following it’s crew when the Steamrunner-class was decommissioned and reassigned to the Luna-class tactical variant sucessor. However after two missions a number of the Kumari’s senior staff went their own ways. Adam was posted to the USS Ulysses’ also a Luna-class operating on the Northern boarder of the Federation.


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