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Launching at last

Posted on Monday February 10th, 2020 @ 8:43pm by Commander Tharia sh'Elas & Lieutenant Commander Elias Walker & Lieutenant Adam Paxton & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Hill M.D. & Lieutenant Elleese Elloyia & Lieutenant JG Peter Wilson & Ensign Udal
Edited on on Monday March 30th, 2020 @ 11:15pm

Mission: Twist in the Tale
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Day 4 at 1900

"A dark blanket, contrasting with blacks and yellows, and the occasional white, which is shaped as a circle and sometimes a crescent. There are stars which dot the blanket in an intricate pattern. This is space."

Words of her grandfather, words that had stayed with her for all her life, and would be passed to her children if she would be lucky to have any.

"In the ancient time, men used the magical symbols above the night sky for navigation. These star patterns saved a lot of lives in the old age," he would say as they as she looked up and saw the stars from beneath the ice caps of Andoria. They illuminated the darkness and her fears crumbled to dust beneath her feet as she listened to his words. "Some stars fade and some shine brighter with each passing day. Each of them has its own unique shape, level of brightness and size. Some stars are bigger than others, showing they are the king of the heavens..."

"Sometimes, many stars appear at once above the dark, sombre sky, and they look like flakes of snow flowing out into the galaxy," he would say, always finishing with the same wise words, no matter how often they shared these moments, and she'd never remind him of their earlier conversations because they would always bring him great joy, and there was nothing she loved more than to bring her grandfather such happiness. "As we watch these dust like particles slowly swimming above our head, we begin to raise our hand, yearning to touch them and be swept into the heavens..."

Ready Room, Deck One
Stardate 71010.38, 2294

Tharia's eyes opened suddenly as she dragged herself, metaphorically kicking and screaming back to the late 24th century. Gone was her beloved grandfather's voice and in its place, there was a calming silence as she stared beyond the bulkheads of the Ulysses and out into the ocean of space. Whenever she felt particularly restless, she'd enter an incense-induced state of relaxation and she'd call out to her grandfather, to hear his words and to bring her clarity and focus. It never failed to work.

Turning from the window of her private office, the Commander pulled her uniform jacket from the back of her chair and slipped it over her slender frame, pulling her arms through the sleeves until it comfortably engulfed her. Pulling the zip up to her collar, she let out a sigh as she ran her hands down the front of her jacket, then over each of the red coloured shoulders in turn. When she was content that she looked her best, like a leader of men should, she left the sanctuary of her ready room and entered the command centre of the ship.

"Captain on the bridge." Paxton called from the helm as the CO stepped out. The formality wasn't usually enforced as an every day thing, but shipping out for the first mission after such a large crew change warranted it in the Lieutenants opinion.

Hearing the the call, Peter slipped out of his chair and stood next to his station at attention. The time was drawing close and he was as ready as he could be.

Glancing up from the science console Javorian noted that the captain, was in fact on the bridge, as had been called out. Standing up he assumed an at attention stance and nodded to the Andorian commanding officer as she walked onto the bridge.

A few stations away Udal did the same, a sparkle of excitement in his dark eyes as he considered that they were about to actually leave on a mission.

Tharia nodded in thanks to the new Flight Controller, and then at her scientific friend nearby. "Ensign Wilson," she addressed the Ops Chief at the front of the bridge, "sound departure stations and have all senior staff report to the bridge," the Commander requested as, for the first time in what felt like forever, she took her seat at the heart of the bridge.

"Aye ma'am." Peter replied and a grin slowly crossing his face again. This was it, it was really happening. He tapped a couple quick commands on his console. "Attention all hands, prepare for departure. All decks, report readiness and departure status." There was a soft chime that followed, toning that alerted the ship it was time to depart. A second whistle tone followed. "All senior officers, report to the bridge." He said and closed the comm.

Walker stood from his seated position at the Captains right and placed his arms behind his back. “Ready to get this show on the road, ma’am?” He asked with a proud smile.

"I was ready the minute we arrived here," the Andorian spoke as her antennae dipped atop her head and she looked up at the now standing XO. "Going somewhere?" she smirked.

“I’m ready now we’ve worked out the bugs.” Elias replied with a smile. “Not at all, I’m just ready to assist anyone if they have problems, ma’am.”

Lieutenant Hill emerged from the port turbolift, unsure of what purpose he could possibly serve on the Bridge as the ship departed. He'd rather be down in Sickbay doing actual work but the Captain felt it important that he be there. "Medical's good to go." Jonathan reported when he caught the Captain's eye.

With no specific place for him on the Bridge, Doctor Hill followed the horseshoe rail that held the Tactical/Security console and stood beside the Tactical Operations Officer, making sure to give the officer enough room to work. He had an unobstructed view of the screen and was out of everyone's way.

Peter gave a nod to the doctor as he walked in and then took his chair at his station and started making his final checks on all systems.

Given the proximity of sickbay and the counseling offices, it was not surprising that Elleese entered the bridge not long after the CMO. She wasn't sure what would be needed of her just then, but it was less surprising for the chief counselor to be called to the bridge than the chief of medical. After all, counselors were often advisers as well.

"Captain," she greeted politely before moving to stand unobtrusively to the side--in sight of command but out of the way of everyone at work.

"I thought you might want one last look at the station," the Commander told as she looked at her lead medical professionals. "One we leave this station, its going to be a long time before we visit another one. You're going to be the senior most medical professionals in our task group; no relying on support from Starbases once we arrive at Xendi Sabu, so I hope you're ready," she advised them, knowing almost certainly that they would be more than ready.

“No pressure, Doc.” Elias commented with a chuckle.

Jonathan gave a wry grin. "Nothing like a good pep-talk to put a guy at ease."

Grinning at the Doctor, the Andorian shook her head a little as she tapped her commbadge. "=/\=Bridge to engineering," she spoke, "status report."

"=/\=Engineering here Captain," the voice of Lieutenant Timud declared over teh comm, "all systems available at your request, but we'd appreciate it if the engines were run in slowly. No sudden jumps to maximum warp from impulse... if you get my drift?" and there was an audible smirk on the end of the line which drew a smile from the Commander on the bridge.

"=/\=Understood, Lieutenant. sh'Elas out."

With the report from engineering, the Commander was finally ready to take the ship out and into the unknown for the first time. With the bridge crew at their stations and a few visitors present, she called the ship to order. Pressing the small pad of controls built into the arm of her chair, the Andorian opened a ship wide communique. Mere seconds later, the trademark boatswain's whistle sounded across the ship.

"=/\=All Starfleet personnel, this is the Commander," she began as she rose to her feet and stood at the heart of the bridge. "Today marks a momentous occasion in our short history. In a few short moments, this vessel will depart for its first true mission. What we do from this moment on will have lasting repercussions for the fleet and for the greater United Federation of Planets that we so willingly serve," she paused for a moment as she looked out at the stars via the view screen. "Out there, among the stars of our galaxy, a new threat looms; a threat with the potential to be as dangerous as the Dominion, and as devastating as the Borg. Less than a week ago, this new, nameless foe, made their presence felt on the edge of Federation space," she didn't know if telling her people was the right thing or not at this point, but she didn't feel comfortable keeping the details from them. "We have been tasked, by the Director of Starfleet Tactical himself, with leading an investigation into an attack on Federation soil. It is my intention to follow this investigation wherever it may lead in an effort to find out everything possible about this new threat. Usually, a commanding officer would give a speech about how they need nothing but the best from their crewmates, but it's not me who needs your best; the entire Federation is counting on you to be at your very best in the coming weeks," she looked around her people's faces. "sh'Elas out."

Peter kept his eyes on his controls. Something combining the worst of the Dominion and Borg? Peter thought to himself, "Well, that explains why we were issued enough phasers and compression rifles to arm a small planet." He made a mental note to see security and schedule some range time.

"Ensign Wilson," Tharia called out as she retook her seat, "clear our departure with station operations. Mister Paxton; bring the impulse engines online and prepare to take us out," she requested.

"Clearing for departure, aye ma'am!" He said a little louder then he wanted. He was getting excited and had to take a beat and calm himself. "I mean, Aye ma'am." He said and tapped his console a few times. A light turned green. "DS5 is green for departure." Peter said and fed navigational data to Paxton.

"Aye impulse engines online, departure trajectory plotted." Paxton said as he brought the impulse engines to hot standby and prepared thrusters to take them out. "Ready on your order ma'am."

Tharia savoured the moment for a few seconds. This would likely be the last time the ship would be so deep into Federation space for quite some time. They had a mission to carry out and she would push the crew as fr as she could in order to carry it out. "Take us out," the Andorian eventually commanded, looking ahead at the Flight Operations Officer, and then at the view screen.

"Aye, reverse thrusters at one third." Paxton said as the ship cleared the station, "Coming about bearing 180 mark 45. Heading Captain?" He said, still yet to 'need-to-know' where they would be going.

"Set a course for the Xendi Sabu system," the Commander requested with a stern tone to her voice, "start us off at warp three and gradual cycle to maximum warp," she ordered before looking at the XO. "Number One, monitor the engines from the aft engineering display if you wouldn't mind?"

“Aye, ma’am.” The Commander said before he headed to the rear of the bridge. He activated the engineering console and stood ready to monitor the engines.

"Setting course for the Xendi Sabu system." Paxton said, "Taking us to warp 3." He said a moment later. "Warp 4, warp 5, 6, 7, 8, 8-5, 9, 9-2-5. Max cruise warp 9.5 and holding." He reported as the ship levelled out at its top cruising speed. "ETA to Xendi Sabu is just over forty-nine hours, give or take."

"Sensors online and calibrated. Nothing on long-range sensors. Course is clear." Peter announced.

With the ship now cruising along at high warp, the stars were streaking past the main view screen at incredible speeds. It felt so good to be back among the stars again as the Commander of the ship took a deep, satisfied breath and relaxed back into her command chair, thinking back to her grandfather once again.

"A dark blanket, contrasting with blacks and yellows, and the occasional white, which is shaped as a circle and sometimes a crescent. There are stars which dot the blanket in an intricate pattern. This is space."


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