Season 2 Synopsis

Season Two of the USS Ulysses proves to be as intriguing as the first when the crew disbands and many join a new Polaris-class starship under the command of Captain Keziah Nazir. A veteran of several conflicts, the joined Trill forms a crew to go on a daring mission of exploration far beyond the reaches of explored space. With new technologies at hand, and personnel with a range of experience, the crew of the brand new USS Ulysses embark on their new adventure together, but not before they pick up some stragglers at FreeCloud, the ‘Mecca’ for businesses of all kinds…

Episode Synopsis:

Difficult decisions await the crew of the Ulysses as the ship warps towards the Beta Antares Shipyards to undergo a series of overhauls, with concerns of sabotage on the rise. Commander Tharia sh’Elas has accepted a transfer to Admiral Azulas’ staff at Starbase 565 and a number of key Ulysses personnel have been offered the chance to serve aboard the luxurious new Polaris-class starship docked at the Shipyards. Commanded by a distinguished veteran of several conflicts, the ship is due to begin Starfleet’s first five year mission of exploration for several decades.

As the crew wrestle with their choices, Captain Keziah Nazir assembles her crew for a mission of utmost importance prior to the start of their exploration mission; a member of her crew on an undercover assignment has gone missing on Freecloud, the mecca of businesses of all kinds.

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