Chief Warrant Officer Jayse


Vital Statistics

Gender: Female
Species: Orion
Age: 40

Service Data

Starfleet Service Number: J-10837582-OND
Command Access Authorisation Code:
Voice Authentication Code:

Physiological Profile

Height: 6′
Weight: 160lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

She is tall and relatively slender she bares the physique of her species, dancers build. Her green skin’s is a striking contrast against most of the other species found in Starfleet. She keeps her hair shoulder-length, she is a career member of Starfleet and with that service came an aura in her she held herself and acted. She also maintained a high level of fitness to ensure she was able to perform her duty uninterrupted. She is aware of the reputation of the females of her race and makes sure to dissuade others thinking of her like that by ensuring her uniform is pristine and all times and ensuring most of the skin on her body is covered. She wanted to be judged on her performance not her appearance, her species where more than slave girl dancers.

Psychological Profile

Personality Overview

Jayse comes across as cold especially to people who don’t know her, this is because she believes her job to be extremely important and if you don’t carry yourself with the same standard then she thinks you are wasting her time. She works hard because she knows if she doesn’t things will not be done in a timely manner or even at all. She might not be a Commissioned officer but her job was important ensuring everyone knew how to operate the ship and its systems properly as well as ensuring everyone knew how to safely perform damage control and emergency repairs.

Having served in Starfleet 24 years she has become an old hand which means she is often called upon either by the direction of others or by observation to help mentor less experienced staff. She views this also as important and will do her best to try and help any member of her crew reach their potential because when other people worked at their best the ship ran better and in the end having the ship work the best they could be the single most important thing to Jayse. She is supportive of those who come for help and will happily help those who need her help but she doesn’t tolerate fools kindly and if you treat her like an idiot you will feel her scorn

Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests

Jayse is a believer in functional exercise, so her hobbies reflect that she enjoys running, rock climbing, swimming, Gymnastics and Yoga. All these improved her overall health and helped her stay at the top of her physical health. While she does enjoy spending times with her friends those come secondary to ensuring she has done enough exercise as it not only helped her physical health but her mental health too. 

Long term she hopes to make it to Chief warrant officer 5, she has no aspiration to become a commissioned officer as she feels it would result in a serious drop in respect and specialism of her job. She had respect for her craft and always sought to be the top of her profession through maintaining her education and skills to the high standard she expects 

Strengths and Weaknesses


Mentor: With experience comes an understanding of how to get things done. Her role requires her to mentor enlisted and commissioned officers alike. She is skilled in passing on her wisdom to those who need it.

Experience: She has served between her time as an Enlisted and Warrant Officer for 24 years which has allowed her to learn a great deal about ship and station maintenance as well as emergency procedures

Cool-headed: With experience comes a calmness under pressure, she knows when things go wrong a lot of the people she supervises will look to her for guidance so she always seeks to show a sanguine aura. As she knows if she keeps calm those around her will be calm and therefore perform better


Cold: She can be hard to get to know as she is very business orientated and as such doesn’t seek or want to form friendships. The few she has she holds onto but she can come across and cold to new people or anyone outside of the few people she calls friends.

Just So: Wants things done her way because if she is training people and everyone does things the same way she believes it will make it easier in the long term. She gets annoyed when she finds routine maintenance done in a non-standard way.

Highly specialised: While she is highly trained in Operations she is very limited in her knowledge of other areas like security, tactical, science and medicine and has no command experience as she is a supervisor and advisor rather than a leader.

Historical Profile

Pre-Starfleet Historical Data

Born 2353 on Rigel IV
Born to Nassi and Gelul, and was raised as a free child educated and happy as all Orion children where. She was raised happy but always knew she would become a slave as it was the only way her parents would be able to continue living decently. She was taught a lot of basic skills that would help her going forward, she was taught basic engineering and maintenance skills as well as decorum and other household tasks. So by the time she was old enough she had skills to set her apart. Giving her an advantage over other candidates for the big estates.

Sold to Slavery 2363

Assigned to Maintenance on Orion Interceptor Itra, at age of 10, she was assigned to the engineering team and responsible for the many menial tasks on the ship. Her parents had prepared her for this, the work was hard as you would expect of a slave, she worked long hours and for little reward. As she grew older she ‘moved up’ the ranks in the slave hierarchy. She was transferred to a wanderer class vessel when she was 14 years old to be an engineer officer only a year later her vessel was destroyed when it attempted to capture a Romulan vessel that had strayed into Orion space. Jayse managed to make it into a shuttle and warp away, however, her engines were damaged just before she jumped meaning she veered greatly off course. She found herself adrift in Federation space, she was picked up by the USS Advent who was patrolling the Romulan neutral zone. Glad to be rescued given that if she had stayed much longer in the shuttle she would be dead. She told the Captain what had happened, he offered her asylum as she was a slave which was illegal in the Federation, she thought perhaps the federation would allow her a chance at a better life.

During her time on the Advent, she was treated kindly and as a child as for most species, she would have been in education and learning. However this didn’t sit well with her, so in the times between the small classes which whereof no interest to her she went to the engineering department. Watching the people move, it looked similar to the ship she had been on, so she started to work on the simple systems like monitor control panels when they stopped working. Soon the Chief engineer saw what she was doing and noticed she had some talent so checked her work when she was done and left. The chief engineer spoke to the captain to tell him of her extra-curricula activities and perhaps he could help Jayse get into Starfleet as being from outside the federation it was hard to get in. 

The captain summoned her to his office and spoke to her telling her if she wanted to go to the academy he could recommend her but it would be hard. He presented her with the various options for serving in the Federation but to his surprise, she said she did not wish to go to the academy as being an officer took you away from the things she liked to do work with her hands. Nodding understanding that not everyone wanted to be an officer, after all, it was a very different job to that of the enlisted ranks.

At the age of 16, she presented herself to the Federation enlisted boot camp, she was viewed with suspicion and dislike. Afterall there where very few Orion’s in Starfleet, one of the first things that’s Starfleet asked of her was to get a monthly inject to suppress any pheromone she might produce. She was starting to feel that she had made a wrong choice in joining the Federation as it seemed she was being forced to do a lot of things she didn’t want to despite the supposed free and liberal nature of the federation. Jayse decided she was going to work hard maybe people would respect her and be able to move out of the view of suspicion and mistrust.

Basic training was hard but a lot of the skills she was being trained in so she floated to the top of the class, this didn’t endear her more to her classmates or the trainers. But she endured force to be better than them to get treated the same. Once she had passed out of basic training she was assigned to the USS Farsight which would be her home for most of her time as a Junior enlisted member of the federation. Here she started to feel a part of something the colour of her skin became less of an issue as she became another cog in the machine that was the ship. She worked hard doing her job as best she could and advanced up the standard promotions with service. Over the few years she was on the ship she made a few friends and as a Boatswains Mate, she was respected by the officers she supported.

As the Klingon War Started she was transferred to the USS Insight, The war was not a long one but started with the Klingon Assault on DS9, the Insight was one of the ships sent to reinforce the station in the initial stages. But it is in a war when people truly appreciate the skills of the team of Boatswains Mate’s and the Boatswain, in times when emergency repairs and damage control become a life and death skill they come to the fore. It was in the time of conflict that she comes to the fore and her talents got noticed, her cool head and steady hands in conflict, while the ship was under fire, was noticed by the senior officers of the ship. In that time she learned a lot, not just about herself and how she reacts in real danger but also the people around her, she learned who held it together, who fell apart and who needed a little pep talk to help them through. She might have just been a PO2 but she was expected to lead by example show the junior enlisted how to conduct themselves.

Talk of her race stopped during this tour as she had proven herself in some of the hardest times most of the staff had seen, War was not a common thing in the federation. Occasionally their was conflict but rarely out and out war. The Senior Chief Boatswains mate took her under his wing and decided he was going to help guide her up the rates. Jayse thought the war with the Klingons was never going to end as the Klingons were not known to back down and She didn’t think the Federation had the ships and longevity to sustain a long and bloody war. But then everything changed with the rise to power of Gul Dukat forcing the Khitomer Accords to be reinstated.

This kicked off the dominion war, The Insight was sent to support the defence of DS9, while they were able to repel the invading forces the war would take its toll. During this time they would frequently be based in or around DS9. During one visit to the station, she met a Vulcan officer Tok over the time of the war their relationship bloomed and a few months before the end of the war they decided to get married. She was happy and they promised each other that after the war they would put in to be based in the same place so they could live together. The was the kindest man she had ever met and cared deeply for her so she was looking forward to a life together. However, fate had different ideas Tok was sent to Chin’toka and his ship was destroyed by the Breen.

The news did not make it to Jayse until the end of the war, and when she was told what had happened she went numb. The joy that had been in her was burned out the youth and naivety ripped from her soul. It was at this point her mentor stepped in he could see what was happening and that it could lead her down a dark path to oblivion, while he could not bring her husband back he did try to focus her mind give her purpose and direction so she could move forward in life. Before this she just did her job as well as she could and if the promotions came she was happy now she was driven to prove she was the best and make her way up the ranks. Her next decade of service was on the Insight she became a fixture of the ship, respected by the officers for her skills. She moulded the next generations of junior officers not just in the essential functions of the ship but helping them understand what it was to be a leader. Taking the officers, who didn’t show the proper respect to the men under them to, aside to correct their thinking and help them improve as officers.

This was her next chapter, it was not going to have the dream she wanted with the man she loved, she would have the career she wanted. She moved up the ranks until she reached Chief Petty Officer, it was at this point that the Captain of the Insight suggested she transfer to another ship as She felt Jayse was becoming stagnant having remained on the same ship for 13 years was not good for her long term as it would promote complacency. Jayse agreed and the captain ensured she would be placed on a ship of the same calibre as the Insight. She transferred to the USS Lister which would be her last deployment as an enlisted rate, She was entering the lion’s den as an outsider but she had a few things going for her, her age she was 32 at the time she was coming to the ship, she was a chief, a rate you don’t get to by simply turning up and a hard work ethic. 

She wasn’t liked to begin with but soon her work was her proof, she worked hard showed people the right way to do things, ways she had learned from war and doing the wrong thing a hundred times. She set the bar by with her juniors would be expected to keep up with, her mentor told her if you want to lead people you need to do more than tell you to have to show. Unlike officers who the enlisted where ‘forced’ to respect the Senior NCO earned the respect every shift, they worked hard but they also looked out for those under them which covered not just making sure they were safe but tending to mental health if stressed or under pressure as well as ensuring they were treated fairly by officers.

Jayse earned the respect of her Captain who put her forward to be promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer, it was the second-highest Rate a person could become in the Federation. A senior Chief was a person of experience but also a leader and she was surprised when she got the notice through about her promotion. It was the first good news she had had since her husband had died, she broke down crying knowing he would have been proud of the hard work she had put in. Over the next year she thought about what her next step would be as a Senior Chief there was not a lot of upward motion to be had so she asked the Captain to put her forward for Warrant Officer School to train as a Boatswain, she had served all her career as a mate now it was the time to grab the job for herself. It was a job she believed she was suited for. Her times in the war had proven she was adaptable and able to man a console from another department in lieu of the proper person.

She underwent Warrant training, A lot of it was training in how to be an officer, moving from enlisted to the officer ranks entailed some differences. While she would not truly be a leader she would be looked upon to advise and mentor other officers and Enlisted alike, She felt it was a position she would flourish in. The training went well and she graduated without incident and was deployed to The USS Temper as CWO2 and the ships Boatswain, It was a culture shock, being addressed as Ma’am and treated as an officer was something very strange and alien to her. However, in these circumstances she did what she always did she knuckled down and did her job as best she could. Her new captain saw her hard work and was impressed he had read her file but was not sure what to believe. In her 2 years on the Temper, she was feared by the utility crew who knew she would give them no quarter to take it easy, she expected the best from everyone around her and this drew up the quality of the work. She knew from experience if you operate at 100% when the shit hits the fan and you can only work at 80% then that still good enough to get most things done and keep the ship going. After a couple of years on the ship, the offer of joining a completely new ship the USS Ulysses.

A new ship was like a fresh canvas to an artist, no previous ways of doing things or other peoples work setting the tone or standard for the ship. It was a gift she could not refuse. She transferred and was put on the shakedown crew, this was an insightful experience as it allowed her to learn the quirks of the ship, every ship had them given to the tiny differences in parts and the tolerances. It was enlightening and she got to work plotting and planning how to efficiently ensure the maintenance was done and how to split it between work shifts. It was a new and exciting challenge and that enthused her with new energy. She got to set out how things would most likely be done on the ship at least to its first refit.  

But with a new ship comes a new, It would take time for them to become a family and a crew, while the brunt of the responsibility for getting things in order wherewith the CO and XO the warrant officers like herself and the senior NCO would play a big role in ensuring good conduct and coordination of the crew.

Starfleet Service Record

2369: Enlisted on Mars: Basic training
2369-2372 USS Foresight Crewman- Petty Officer Second class | Boatswains Mate
2372-2373 USS Insight (Klingon War) Petty Officer Second Class | Boatswains Mate Second Class
2373-2375 USS Insight (Dominion War) Petty Officer Second Class | Boatswains Mate Second Class
2375-2385 USS Insight Petty Officer Second Class – Chief Petty Officer | Boatswains Mate Second Class- Chief Boatswains Mate
2385-2390 USS Lister Chief Petty Officer- Senior Chief Petty Officer | Chief Boatswains Mate – Senior Chief Boatswains Mate
2390 – Warrant Officers Training
2390-2392 USS Temper Chief Warrant Officer 2| Boatswain
2392- present USS Ulysses Chief Warrant Officer 2 -3 | Boatswain


Player Awards

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