Death Be Not Proud

Season 2, Episode 1

Mission Briefing

Crew of the USS Ulysses,

Difficult decisions await many of you in the wake of the startling revelations about the sabotage conducted aboard the Luna-class vessel of the same name. At the Beta Antares Shipyards the ship will undergo a series of overhauls, which will unfortunately see the ship mothballed for a considerable period of time. With that in mind, and due to the legacy of the Ulysses name, special dispensation has been granted to commission the as-yet-titled Polaris-class vessel commanded by Captain Keziah Nazir. With Commander Tharia sh’Elas accepting promotion to my staff, Captain Nazir has extended an invitation to a number of key personnel to serve aboard the Polaris-class starship she commands.

Your decision must be swift, as the Ulysses has already been granted a new assignment of the utmost importance – two of the ship’s company have gone missing on FreeCloud. Your orders are simple; head to FreeCloud, assess the situation and find your missing personnel.

Rear Admiral Nilani Azulas
Starfleet Command, SB565

Mission Area of Operations

Your mission will see you take the new USS Ulysses from the Beta Antares shipyards and travel dozens of lightyears to the Alpha Doradus system. Your journey will take several days at high warp, and the use of the QSD and M.A.R.S. systems is prohibited unless loss of life is expected.

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A quick check-up.

After wandering around the deck longer than he would admit, he finally found his way to operations. He wanted to check on Jocelyn and see how she was adapting to her new roll as Chief of Ops. With the promotion was a new office in the new ship. It was…
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MARS Mapping

Mac arrived in main engineering early for her shift and made her way straight to the COE’s office. The QSD and MARS systems were the two things she was most excited about on this ship and today they were going to be tinkering with one of them. “So, I have…
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Moving Together, But Not Moving In Together

Adam had been aboard the Cassiopeia, soon to be officially recommissioned as the USS Ulysses, for less than a week. So far he was happy, the sadness he thought he would have leaving the old Luna-class Ulysses hadn’t materialized. It had helped that both he and Jon had been assigned…
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First Impressions

Mac came from a long line of Starfleet & Marine engineers.  She knew that engineering was what she was born to do from the first time she cast her eyes on a warp engine, on her father’s ship at the age of three.  24 years later, she could barely contain…
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Isolated, alone, frustrated. Those were just some of the emotions that the Federation captive had felt since being locked up in her cell. Save for mealtimes, the former Captain saw no one… and for a woman who was actually quite a people person deep down, that was quite painful. She…
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Fresh New Challenges

Travelling for nine days straight, the Ulysses had finally arrived at its destination of the Beta Antares shipyards just a few light-years from Bajor, docking at Shipyard Alpha-Three on the outskirts of the facility. It would be the last time for a significant period that the ship would leave the…
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Returning From Shakedown

“Manoeuvring thrusters powering down. All forward momentum halted. Docking procedures completed.” At the centre of the bridge aboard the brand new Polaris-class starship USS Cassiopeia, the ship’s commander stood, her arms folded, glaring straight ahead at the viewscreen on the forward wall. The words from the Flight Operations Officer drew…
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