Keziah Nazir


Isolated, alone, frustrated. Those were just some of the emotions that the Federation captive had felt since being locked up in her cell. Save for mealtimes, the former Captain saw no one… and for a woman who was actually quite a people person deep down, that was quite painful. She lay on the bed of …

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Fresh New Challenges

Travelling for nine days straight, the Ulysses had finally arrived at its destination of the Beta Antares shipyards just a few light-years from Bajor, docking at Shipyard Alpha-Three on the outskirts of the facility. It would be the last time for a significant period that the ship would leave the safety of her dockyard as …

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Returning From Shakedown

“Manoeuvring thrusters powering down. All forward momentum halted. Docking procedures completed.” At the centre of the bridge aboard the brand new Polaris-class starship USS Cassiopeia, the ship’s commander stood, her arms folded, glaring straight ahead at the viewscreen on the forward wall. The words from the Flight Operations Officer drew rounds of applause from the …

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