A quick check-up.


Lieutenant J.G. Peter Wilson, Ensign Jocelyn Zemke


Mission Day 20 at 14:23 Hours


After wandering around the deck longer than he would admit, he finally found his way to operations. He wanted to check on Jocelyn and see how she was adapting to her new roll as Chief of Ops. With the promotion was a new office in the new ship. It was a huge ship in size compared to the old Ulysses. She would be a chore to manage, but he had a feeling she could handle it as he pressed the door chime.

“Come in,” she called, acknowledging the door chime. She glanced at the door, waiting to see the unexpected visitor. She was surrounded by PADDs, trinkets, ancient tech items, and more PADDs, all things that had to find their place in her new office. She had been distracted by the tech manuals and power system specifications that explained in great detail the behemoth vessel she now had to keep powered up. “Hello Peter,” she greeted, warmed by presence of a familiar face. “Please, come in, take a seat.”

“Thanks Jocelyn. You know, I wouldn’t have to bring much up from Engineering to build your stacks high enough you could hide behind them. ” he said as he moved a small stack of things off one of her office chairs.

Jocelyn laughed in response, “Well, one of my instructors back at the Academy said, ‘Always look busy.'” She put the PADD down on the table and sat back in her chair. She crossed her legs, and place her hands resting in her lap. “What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to swing by and see how you were doing. Also, check out your fancy new office, which looks like we’re in the same state.” He chuckled.

Jocelyn sighed heavily, “yea, I am slowly settling in, as you can see.” She took a few more PADDS, briefly scanned them and then placed them in another stack across the desk. “There’s a little more ship to handle, how are things in Engineering?”

“Well, about the same as your setup. I did manage to find my office. There is an assistant chief and she seems pretty capable, so that’s a big plus. As far as engineering this ship, you wouldnt happen to have a padd in that stack with ‘Quantum Stream Mechanics and Physics for beginners’ book in there by chance?” He said with a silly shrug.

“How’d you know?” she gleefully bantered back, “I have been getting my hands on anything I can find.” She handed him the PAAD that she had been reading when he entered. “This Quantum drive adds a whole other layer of power management that I was only introduced to at the Academy.” She paused allowing Peter to take a glimpse at the material. She leaned back in her chair and swayed back and forth a few times, “I think Yasmine may know a little more, she got a little more cross training specifics with the QSD engine.”

Peter smiled. “You’re definitely the right girl for the job! That’s what I needed! The main technical journal is still over my head and trying to play catch up before I need to turn that thing on. I havnt been through the core yet, still big and scary. Than and I should probably at the least have my terminology down before I try to dial things in.” He looked up from the padd. “Can I get you anything?”

Jocelyn thought for a moment, unsure of what to ask for. She was pleased by her colleague’s compliment; she too was just settling in and learning all about the new intricacies of this Polaris Class vessel. “I can’t think of anything in particular at this moment…at least work related.” She paused, leaning forward on the desk with casual demeanor, “but maybe it’s time for us to cash in on that celebratory drink and dinner. I have a feeling we aren’t gonna have a lot of down time…once things get started.”

Peter nodded. “I have a feeling your right. With everything going on it will be a nice change of pace for a drink and a good meal.” He said as he got a grin on his face. “Im feeling much more confident that the replicators will work too.” He laughed.

Jocelyn nodded in reply, a cackled response of affirmation. “Join Starfleet, see the world, make first contact; they said. They never mentioned sabotaged cloaking devices, the danger of zero gravity extreme sports, starving from malfunctioning replicators, or engines that could tear the fabric of space and time.” She paused, thinking of many more things that weren’t covered by the recruiter or instructors at the Academy, “They did say we would make friends for life.”

“Dont forget espionage, false betrayal and saving a lone survivor from an unknown enemy that possibly radiated the planet to death.” He shrugged. “I guess that all was implied under the ‘visit the stars’ phrase.” He said and looked at her with a smile. “They did get the friends right though. Life long friends.” He got serious for a moment. “Long life, long friends. I’m confident the word long was in front of the life. ” he said and laughed.

Jocelyn nodded, matching the seriousness Peter displayed in his face. “So, dinner?” she inquired, just to make sure she was on the same page. “To…long friends?” A playful grin crossed her face once more.

Peter laughed and returned her grin. “Done. What time, where and what is the dress code?” He responded pulling at his uniform sleeve.

“I’m free tonight,” Jocelyn chortled, a smile crossing her face, “Lets say thirty minutes after shift…you know enough time to freshen up and change into something casual. I get plenty of formal out of the uniform everyday”

“Done.” Peter said and stood up. “I’ll see you then.”

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