“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them.”

It’s 2394, and new threats emerge on a daily basis…

In the last decade, the galaxy as we know it has changed beyond measure. Mars and the Utopia Planitia were attacked by rogue synthetic lifeforms, and the hub of ship design and production spread around the Federation. With the subsequent ban on synthetics, holographic technology advancements surged. Elsewhere, the after effects of the synth attack were felt far and wide. A rescue armada gathered together by Admiral Jean-Luc Picard was destroyed, leaving the Romulan people to suffer in the wake of a disastrous Supernova in their home systems. Cyberneticists from various empires saw their work wiped out and tensions with the Federation suffered. In the aftermath of these life changing events, outlying Federation worlds continue to spread dissent and threaten to cede from paradise, but a newly elected President seeks to unite the worlds again and seek an end to growing tensions.

However, on the evening of her inauguration, President Iden Morr of Bajor was assassinated in an attack that sent shock waves across the Federation. Fleet Admiral Clancy has ordered Starfleet to its highest level of alert since the synth attack on Mars. Border patrols have increased with all major powers and Ambassadors recalled as investigations take place. In the outer rim, Federation starships begin to assert their dominance in a crackdown on rising tensions. Despite the dark days behind us, there is still hope for sense to prevail. The Starfleet mandate of peaceful exploration and scientific discovery remains, and it is our job, the crew of the Polaris-class USS Ulysses, to carry out that mandate.

Together, we will boldly go where no one has gone before…

We are a proud member of the 5th Fleet.

We are also the flagship simulation for the
Star Trek: Homefront storyline of the 5th Fleet.

We are a play by Astra WordPress simulation rated 323. Due to the nature of our storyline, swearing and mature language is permitted. Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations and with the permission of all participants involved. Explicit violence is also permitted.

If you are unsure of anything and have any concerns, please contact a member of the command authority.

Season 2, Episode 1: Mission Briefing

Crew of the USS Ulysses,

Difficult decisions await many of you in the wake of the startling revelations about the sabotage conducted aboard the Luna-class vessel of the same name. At the Beta Antares Shipyards the ship will undergo a series of overhauls, which will unfortunately see the ship mothballed for a considerable period of time. With that in mind, and due to the legacy of the Ulysses name, special dispensation has been granted to commission the as-yet-titled Polaris-class vessel commanded by Captain Keziah Nazir. With Commander Tharia sh’Elas accepting promotion to my staff, Captain Nazir has extended an invitation to a number of key personnel to serve aboard the Polaris-class starship she commands.

Your decision must be swift, as the Ulysses has already been granted a new assignment of the utmost importance – two of the ship’s company have gone missing on FreeCloud. Your orders are simple; head to FreeCloud, assess the situation and find your missing personnel.

Rear Admiral Nilani Azulas,
Starfleet Command, SB565

Ulysses Universe

Travelling the galaxy, Ulysses will visit many strange new worlds and encounter new civilisations. Check out our corner of the universe on our exclusive map of the galaxy.

Story Timeline

Follow the key events in the lives of the Ulysses crew as they make history, travelling to areas of the galaxy never previously explored by Starfleet vessels.

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