Posted on Sun Sep 29th, 2019 @ 11:01am by Lieutenant Chaol Westfall

Mission: Favor the Bold
Location: USS Helin, in orbit of Earth.
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

OOC: not sure as to Day and Time, so leaving it as default.

Chaol Westfall had just slashed his test blade down on his opponent, between the neck and shoulder, after he dodged the swiping swing. "Gah!" Ensign Trev grunted as his free hand went to the test blade impacted.

"You need to not put all your energy into a single action. Combat is about adapting." Chaol explained as he stepped back and gave a bow. The lesson was at an end and he had bridge duty.

"Yes sir," at this point most of Chaol's students stopped promising to do better as it took time so Trev mimicked the bow and returned the weapon to the rack before entering the change/locker room.

Chaol did the same and after a shower followed by a fresh uniform made his way to the Bridge.

"Lieutenant Westfall," a voice from behind called.

He turned around to find Captain Jessica Angel said with a smile. She was one of the various aides to Rear Admiral T'var. He saluted immediately and nodded. "Yes Captain."

"I have just been informed you are transferred to a new assignment, it's details is classified so I do not know the why, where, what and how but I can tell you the when." Jessica said, she gestured for him to accompany her to the transporter room. "Effective immediately, you are to meet your new commanding officer on Starbase 1. Details on this padd however it is locked by your security code."

"Interesting, well thank you," Chaol said with a smile. "You know I like being told where to go because I'm never sure what I want to do with my career."

"Indeed," Jessica rolled her eyes. "You'd never take the command exam or accept a command unless it was an order."

"Yup, who wants that noise," he said with a chuckle. "Just want a simple shoot and ask questions later when ordered to do so type of life."

Jessica stopped and eyed him before the two laughed. "I think that sums you up nicely Lieutenant. Anyway your record has attracted attention from other areas of Command and ordered to report to follow the instructions on that padd."

"Thank you for everything Captain," he smiled at her, for Jessica had always looked out for his best interests when he had come to her defense back at Starfleet Academy and it looked like less than desirable cadets wanted to do, what Chaol didn't know and preferred not to know but stepped in a young, strong and somewhat fearless first year cadet to protect a fourth year cadet.

Let's just say it was what made him go into Tactical and Navigation but pushed for Security as well. The academy had let him after much begging, he laughed softly at the memory as he accepted the padd. "Will you be able to keep an eye on me during this new assignment Captain?" Chaol asked, a little apprehensive for he had liked a powerful ally in Command but when it came to classified stuff Jessica may not be able to 'guardian angel' him.

It always amused her when he had called her that the first time after she helped him from losing his career back on the USS Hood, and many times after that. "Lieutenant, I..." Jessica said some apprehension of her own. "Don't know. I will have to ask Admiral T'var. I have a feeling that we may not be able to though so you will need to begin looking out for yourself, Chaos, and I mean quickly." She said with a wide grin.

"I am sorry I put you and the Admiral through so much but I have learned a lot from both of you, my angel." Chaol said with so much gratitude and 'love' and now that the thought occurred to him how much he'll miss her 'guiding' him.

The nickname Chaol earned when both Jessica and T'var had so many reports from various officers that were Chaol's superior complaining about him in various ways. Most were his lack of ambition or constant outshining them in all things but often coupled with the lack of ambition. It made his immediate superiors nervous and often they eventually either attempt to get him reassigned or demoted. Usually Jessica would get a copy of the reports as she had access to his record and consult with the ship's exec about the reports. The two usually agreed that nothing warranted the jealous officers recommendations and life carried on.

Jessica blinked hard as tears began to form. "Oh Chaol you big oaf." The two hugged and they walked the rest of the way to the transporter and were sent to Earth's surface.

Chaol had already said his farewell to those onboard the Helin upon hearing that he was reassigned and the Helin was ordered to deliver him to Earth. So there had been tearful going away parties most of that time.

"I'll let you know," Jessica said as the two parted ways in the transporter room 1 at Starfleet Command's lobby. Chaol requested that the operator send him to Starbase 1 and Jessica had already arranged for his stuff to be sent to the starbase prior to her seeking him onboard Helin.

He made his way to where the padd told him to meet with his new CO, though he was an Assistant Chief Weapons/Tactical Officer so it could be possible this new assignment could land him a promotion, in position not necessarily in rank which he didn't really care about.