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Readiness Report

Posted on Wednesday January 29th, 2020 @ 8:23am by Commander Tharia sh'Elas & Lieutenant Commander Elias Walker

Mission: Twist in the Tale
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Day 3 at 1000

Commander Walker approached the Captain’s ready room with a PADD in hand. He had the daily readiness report but was eager to present it to Commander sh'Elas. He actually had some good news for a change. He pressed the door chime and waited for permission to enter.

Four hours. Four damn hours.

Commander sh'Elas had spent the first four hours of her duty shift in the sanctuary of her ready room and in that whole time she had not read a single personnel file or status report that cheered her up. And now she had received a message from Starfleet Command that had ruined the day for sure. When the door chime rang, she beckoned to the waiting entrant in a way that would have probably sent shivers up the spine of a Klingon warrior. "Don't even think about coming in here unless you intend to put a smile on my damn face!" she yelled at the top of her lungs before running a frustrated hand through her mop of silver hair. What was usually a pristine haircut was somewhat unkempt for a change.

The door slid silently open to reveal Walker standing there. He slowly walked in and allowed the door to close behind him before speaking. “That depends on what type of good news you’re after, Captain?”

"Anything," Tharia declared sternly, "anything that will cancel out the conversation I've just had with Admiral Drayton," she frowned, her tone much lower the second time as she collapsed onto the sofa at the side of her ready room.

“Orders, ma’am?” The Executive Officer asked, he was eager to get out of spacedock and get on with a mission.

"Not quite," the Andorian shook her head and gestured for her XO to sit beside her on the couch. "Drayton has reassigned our mission to another starship and crew due to the ongoing staffing situation," rubbing her temples didn't seem to alleviate the pain she was feeling, "we are not to leave Deep Space Five until our senior staff is complete, which could be weeks," she concluded.

“What?!” Walker said unexpectedly raising his voice in surprise. “That’s crazy, I get Starfleet is having staffing issues but we could still be doing something rather than sitting on our ass’ twiddling our thumbs.” Eli headed to the couch and sat down beside his Captain. “The crew are going to get rather bored being stuck here for that long.”

"Which is why I want to do something about it," the Commander grinned as she almost leapt to her feet and sauntered over to her desk, picking up one of the data PADDs she had been reading earlier. "They won't let us go without someone at Tactical and Engineering, so, we need to find someone," she surmised as she made her way back to the sofa, "at least temporarily. So, I've been trawling through the personnel roster and came up with a temporary solution," she passed him the data PADD.

Eli took the PADD and thumbed through the proposed duty roster. It would leave them light in some areas but it was doable.

"We appoint two Acting Department Heads. I reckon if we transfer Ensign Udal over to Tactical from Ops with the suggestion he will get experience, it might appease him after he was overlooked for the Ops Manager role," the Andorian suggested optimistically as she tapped the data PADD with one of her long, blue fingers. "As for engineering, I picked out three candidates that I think would do a good job from your current team, but I also found a Trill who is on Commander Millarini's team, overseeing the Slipstream installation on the Roehampton. She's only a junior Lieutenant, but I think she could be loaned to us until we find a more permanent solution," she advised, ever more optimistic.

“Experience is always good for young officers, I’m sure Udal will jump at the chance to play with Tactical.” Walker replied before looking back down at the PADD. “As for Engineering, my first choice would be Petty Officer Chan, however, he really does want the job. I’ve heard good things about this Lieutenant though, if Commander Millarini would be willing to loan us the Lieutenant could be beneficial to him having a more experienced officer working under him.”

"At this point, I don't think I'm ready to point a non-com to oversee engineering, especially one who isn't a senior non-com," the Andorian grimaced at the idea, "but I think he could make an ideal candidate for Assistant whenever we get a Chief Engineer appointed," she offered in a conciliatory tone, hoping it would appease her executive officer.

Walker nodded his agreement. “He will be a big help for an incoming Chief. He knows the ship and engineering staff well, Chan will definitely help with the transition.”

Phew! That could have been awkward. "So, what updates did you have for me?" the Andorian quizzed of her XO as she moved the topic along somewhat.

“Well, Crewman Chan and the rest of the Engineering team have finally got to the bottom of our gremlins. The ship should function as it should from now on.” Eli said with a hint of pride in his voice. “Also, the new Flight Control Chief and myself have cleared the latest shuttle craft arrivals for active service. All this is detailed in my report, Captain.” He said passing the Andorian a PADD which contained the report.

Tharia took possession of the status report and gave it a brief once over, nodding as she noted the content. "So, we'll be getting the yard engineers off our ship soon then?" she asked optimistically.

“It looks that way.” Walker replied with a nod. “I’ll be glad when they’re gone, sometimes they do more harm than good.”

"About time!" the Commander sighed in relief, "maybe the end of our terror is nigh?" she smirked with raised eyebrows, her antenna no longer drooping as her mood took a bit of a lift at last.

“Hopefully,” Eli said as he crossed his fingers on his right hand. “That’ll be the last of the teething problems. Oh, and we’ve installed the latest updates for the targeting array and navigational sensors too.”

"Sounds like we have everything in hand at last," the Commander nodded as she rose to her feet. "I should hear back later today about what our new mission will be, but don't hold your breath, Number One," she frowned as she made her way over to the desk and stood behind it, looking across at her XO. "I can't imagine we'll get anything as exciting as dealing with the Rihannsu..."


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