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Excited Preparations

Posted on Monday January 20th, 2020 @ 8:07pm by Commander Tharia sh'Elas & Lieutenant JG Peter Wilson

Mission: Twist in the Tale
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Day 2 at 1355

Peter walked across the bridge as carefully as he could. He was holding a stack of PADDs that had the various requisition approval forms on them from different departments and general ship needs. As he neared the Captain's ready room, a PADD slipped from the stack. He juggled it a couple times before managing to catch the PADD before it and the rest of his stack fell to the ground....for the 3rd time.

He double checked the order of the stack and nodded to himself, alphabetical by department and sub sorted by rank. Might make things easier for the Captain to approve, at least he hoped. He double checked his uniform and happy with it, pressed the door chime.

"Enter!" the voice from within beckoned.

Peter walked in with his stack and did his best to come to attention without spilling the stack everywhere. "Sorry to bother you Captain, but here is the last minute stack of requisitions the departments have asked for. Most of it standard supply with a few specific requests but nothing out of the ordinary I believe."

"No!" the Commander almost flew out of her seat and threw her arms outwards in protest. "I swear to the Ice Gods of Thalos, if I see one more data PADD I will kill someone," she fumed. "I'm sorry Ensign, but they'll just have to go to the XO or I am liable to bury someone beneath the ice caps of Andoria..."

"My apologies Captain." He said backing up toward the door, trying not to rattle the PADDs. While he would like to see Andoria first hand, he was pretty sure that was not a spot he wanted to be in. "I'll find Commander Walker and redirect any future PADDs to him first before moving any forward to you."

Tharia let out a sigh and collapsed back into her seat. "I'm sorry Ensign," she apologised with a slight, weary smile on her blue face, "it's been a hell of a day." She held out a hand and waved him back in, "let's see what I can help you with, shall we?"

"Sorry to hear that Captain. I can funnel the personal preference requests to the Commander for you. That will leave just the department heads and most everything is standard." He said and picked off the top one. "This is tactical. Standard allocation of torpedos and a couple new phaser rifles plus replacement parts. This one is engineering, standard replacement parts and some extra tools. Science has a few new test pods they would like added and Medical was pretty minimal with their needs."

He paused for a moment to ponder if he should add one more to the stack or not. He fingered a PADD from the bottom of the stack and placed it on the table behind the others. "This is operations. It is pretty standard, new sensor pallet to replace one with a test fault on it. I also added an extra container of replicator matter. There has not been a formal briefing yet other than we are pushing off earlier than we expected too, so I thought extra matter could be useful for a lot of 'just in case' scenarios."

He took a breath, "As you know Captain, this is my first time being COO and I'm fairly inexperienced, so with your permission I would like you to review my request in Operations so I can get it right by your standards, not mine."

"Ordinarily, such requests would be run by the XO as he will largely be in charge of mission operations," the Commander advised the Ensign, but she reached out and took the Operations PADD, "but I'll look over it this once," she winked reassuringly. Reading through it, she nodded slowly and made several grunting noises until she eventually looked up again.

"We'll take the extra replicator matter. I think it makes sense to convert Cargo Bay 8 into a spare parts storage. We'll dedicate it to Ops and Engineering," she nodded in agreement. "Beg, borrow or steal everything you possibly can from the Quartermaster. Bio-neural gel packs, optic cable, spare deck plating. Anything that will make repairing the ship easier in a tight situation."

Peter grinned. "Understood Captain. I'll make it happen." He said picking up the PADDs that were approved. "And thanks for reviewing this information. I'm trying to learn what you all want from my department and figured I better run it all by you and have it delegated to the XO or have me self manage then to skip you in the loop on something you actually need to see."

"Well, thank you for being so diligent Ensign. Carry on in such a way and I am sure you will be a great asset to the crew," the Andorian tried to reassure her junior most department head.

"I won't let you down Captain. Is there anything else you need from me?" He asked picking up the approved PADDs to take away his clutter he brought to her desk.

"Just make sure that all of the quarters reserved for new personnel are ready. Last thing I need is people coming aboard to find out they haven't got the things they need to set up home," she smiled, "as harsh as it sounds, I need them to be able to come in and focus on their jobs as quickly as possible."

"Absolutely Captain. Is there anyone on the manifest you want me to take extra care of or everyone equally at discretion?"

"Everyone equally," the Commander nodded in confirmation.

"Then consider it done Captain." Peter said with a grin coming from youth and excitement bubbling out of his face. It was a simple task, but was being entrusted to him by the Captain herself not a department head. He quickly did his best to reign in his grin. "Uh, yes Captain. Is there anything else?"

Tharia rose to her feet and offered a hand to the Ensign. "Nothing else Ensign. Keep up the good work," she responded in her unofficial dismissal of the young officer.

"Thank you ma'am, I will." He said carefully manoeuvring the stack of PADDs while reaching a hand out to shake hers. After he found his stack stable again, he turned and left the Ready Room mentally getting a list going of which reports he needed to run first and how he was going to fill the cargo bay with supplies.


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