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Mission Briefing

Posted on Friday September 4th, 2020 @ 8:34pm by Commander Aria Winters & Captain Keziah Nazir & Lieutenant Elleese Elloyia & Ensign Yasmin Kahlil

Mission: Death Be Not Proud
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Day 20 at 1630

It had been a couple of hours since the Captain had been dragged away from the welcome aboard party for the new members of her crew, but after spending some time reviewing a mission report from Starfleet Intelligence, she had decided that it was time to bring her senior staff, old and new alike, up to speed on what would soon become their mission.

Across the ship, the communications array came to life as an automated transmission rang out on all decks. “=/\=All senior officers – report to the observation lounge immediately,” the female voice of the computer spoke clearly.

Elleese was among the first to respond, since she had not been in the middle of anything that had to be finished before heading to the observation lounge. Following the welcome-aboard gathering, she had retreated to her new quarters and meditated. It helped calm her mind after what was empathic chaos before, but it also meant she could simply…get up and go.

She walked into the lounge and bowed her head politely to the captain, “Hello again, Captain,” she said with a small smile before finding a seat.

“Counsellor,” Keziah nodded in welcome to the Betazoid and, perhaps uncharacteristically for a commanding officer, tapped the table top to her left, signalling that was where she wanted the Counsellor to sit. Most tended to reserve the seats directly to their right and left for the two next most senior officers on the ship, but today she wanted her Counsellor close.

It was a gesture that did not pass the pale woman’s notice, but she simply smiled politely, nodded once to indicate understanding, and took the ‘suggested’ seat.

Doctor Hill was next to enter, PADD in one hand and a steaming hot cup of herbal tea in the other. “Hey Ell.” He greeted the Counselor as he moved into the chair next to her before turning his attention to the Captain. “Captain.” Jon added a nod to his greeting toward the CO.

“Doctor,” Nazir welcome the man with a smile as she gestured to the table, opting not to dictate seat order this time. “Have you been able to see sickbay yet?” she enquired of the head physician.

The Chief Medical Officer was unable to hold back his enthusiasm. “It’s incredible. I’ve never seen a medical facility that size outside of a Starbase before. It’s less Sickbay and more hospital. It’ll be a lot to adjust to but I’m looking forward to it.”

Elleese smiled politely at the CMO. “Doctor,” she greeted. “I have to concur about the facilities. They are impressive, even for my section. I cannot say that happens often for my department.” She smiled wryly.

Not long after the Doctor had made his way into the observation lounge, junior Lieutenant Miridon followed, the tall Terran moving from his clean-cut family quarters to his destination with single-minded focus. Maybe it was DaJon being standoffish about school work and his attitude, maybe it was Tom being a little too insistent that Marcus find time for a holodeck date – the Cassiopeia CSO just wanted to get to work.

In the observation lounge, Marcus offered a curt nod to the three people already in the room, offering a fast, “Captain, Counselor, Doctor.” in rapid succession. Noticing the Doctor had sat beside Counsellor Elloyia, Marcus took it upon himself to take a seat on the right of Captain Nazir.

Peter made his way to the observation deck and rushed himself in believing he was late. He was trying to familiarize himself with the much larger engineering bay and took a wrong turn. He had been focused on understanding the QSD that he forgot to study the ship layout. He nodded to everyone and slipped to a seat.

Nazir smiled to both of her junior Lieutenants as they entered the room and took seats around the table. It was proving to be quite a gathering, and still there were several officers yet to arrive.

Jocelyn and Yasmin were the next to enter the observation deck. Both had their cups of morning coffee, which they clicked together with winks and laughter as they separated to opposite sides of the briefing room table. Jocelyn picked a seat close to Lieutenant Wilson; Yasmin a few seats down next to the Chief Science Officer.

“Hey Jocelyn er…Ensign Zemke.” He said as she sat next to him. He tried his best to remember protocol. They were on a much larger ship and expectations were probably higher, and he did not know the Captain at all yet really.

“I didn’t realize we were getting so formal around here,” she whispered back in response. Her brow was raised with Vulcan inquisition, accompanied by a grin to soften the sting. It was a new ship, new crew, and new captain; there was a lot of dynamics that would likely be changing.

Paxton slid into the room with a small nod to his new boss. Having been down in Engineering poring over the slipstream core and specs. He gave a nod to the familiar faces around the table before sitting in an empty chair across from Jonathan.

Kahlil had been watching her academy roommate as she finished off the last of her coffee. It has been a much needed surprise to have an old friend posted on the same vessel. Quiet and reserved, she observed the other officers, especially the slender male beside her, “Excuse me, Sir? I’m going for a refill, can I get you something?” Her voice was soft and cautious, hesitant with small-talk.

Unsuspecting of the attempted pleasantries, Marcus turned to the much younger – and shorter – Ensign with a smile that could only be described as an attempt at courtesy. “Oh, no thank you,” he replied in a murmur, “though the sentiment’s much appreciated.” Unsatisfied with his own small-talk, Marcus had meant to continue – until he noticed the Captain, ready to dive in.

Entering the Observation Lounge having just finished a walk through of some of the departments on board, Commander Winters offered a nod in greeting to everyone gathered. Taking her seat, she set down a PaDD containing her notes on the conference table, her curiosity piqued by the summons of the senior staff.

Zian felt completely flustered by the order to report to the observation lounge and he kept his head down as he entered the room. He felt like everyone was staring at him. He was well aware that unlike him, many of the other officers in attendance were transfers and had worked together on their previous ship. He nodded at the CO. “Sir,” he said in a low voice and slid into one of the few remaining open seats.

With a nod of acknowledgement to the Security Chief, and satisfied that the staff was ready for their first briefing, the Captain called the meeting to order. Tapping on the controls directly in front of her, she activated the massive screen that dominated the opposite wall of the lounge. “For those who don’t know, this is our Boatswain, Chief Warrant Officer Jayse,” she revealed as an image of a woman in Starfleet gold appeared on the screen. The woman was visibly older than most in the room as she was in her forties, but the dead give away was the smooth green skin – she was an Orion, that much was certain. “Two weeks ago, Jayse left the Cassiopeia for two weeks shore leave on FreeCloud. One week ago, we lost contact with her,” the Captain told them before tapping the controls again and bringing up a second, younger individual. “This is Lieutenant Josue Torres, one of our Strategic Operations officers and, until recently, was an operative for Starfleet Intelligence,” she spoke clearly and looked around to ensure everyone was following so far. “Lieutenant Torres was sent to locate Chief Jayse, but earlier today I was informed that the Lieutenant has failed to make contact in the last two reporting periods.” She paused now to see if anyone had anything to say.

Glancing about the room, the Chief Science Officer couldn’t help but be the first to speak out; his voice was the force from the slash of a fancy knife through the moment of silence offered by the Captain, “It’s an odd place for an Orion woman to venture for shore leave, being that Stardust City makes a show of its Orion slave girls.” Lieutenant Miridon speculated, crossing his left leg over his right at the same time, “Have there been any attempts to track either Chief Jayse or Lieutenant Torres via their commbadges?” Though speaking in confidence, Marcus did give another look around the observation lounge, wondering how his comments might be perceived.

“I don’t dictate where my crew take their shore leave, Lieutenant,” Nazir frowned as she looked across at the scientist, “and in the last decade, FreeCloud has become a tourist hot spot. And commbadges were the first things Security tried. No joy,” Nazir revealed before looking across at the XO. “Commander Winters, I understand a member of the Ulysses crew is a native of FreeCloud? A Robin Joackson?” she looked down at the data PADD on her table top as she spoke.

“Yes, he is,” Aria confirmed with a nod, “and he may be invaluable help. He knows it well and the culture.”

“Excellent,” the Captain nodded, “as soon as we are done here, I’d like you to bring him up to speed on the situation and let him know I’ll be expecting to see him on the bridge when we are underway,” she directed of her new First officer.

“He’ll be there,” Aria assured her.

“As you can all imagine, there is great concern for our missing personnel. As such, I’ve been discussing our options with Starfleet Command ,” she revealed before pressing a button on the table again, changing the display on the screen. In place of the two personnel profiles, a large countdown timer. “In eighteen hours and 12 minutes, we launch, on a course for FreeCloud. I want all departments ready and to have reported in to Commander Winters prior to that time, but, where are we at now? Let’s go around the table shall we?”

Again, Marcus looked about the table real quick to see if anyone else was going to step up and speak out first. Marcus gently cleared his throat in preparation, steepling his fingers together, “I’ve had my department working on all shifts to test and remodulate all sensors aboard the ship in preparation of departure,” he said as if he hadn’t been ordering his science officers to do this every other month or two, “When we reach FreeCloud, we should be able to use the sensors to trace our missing crewmates’ biometric readings – any commbadge signatures we could track would just help us further triangulate location.”

Doctor Hill went next. “I’m currently working on getting up to speed on my new medical facilities and getting to know the new members of my staff. I’ve had a few problems with logistics, getting my hands on the supplies that I need but I’m confident that I’ll have that resolved in the next few hours.”

“We’ve worked with the yard engineers to complete the final certification of the slipstream drive, it will be ready when we depart.” Adam chimed in, he tried not to sound too excited, the reason for their mission was a serious one, be he was glad they’d likely being using the drive right away.

Jocelyn chimed in with what little information she had to provide in this round table update. “The operations team has been familiarizing themselves with the recent updates to the computer software systems and getting acquainted with the Slipstream drive.” She smiled as she recounted the mundane updates to the senior staff. The OPS team was small, but played a vital role in ship systems when things got crazy. “I will be sending out maintenance schedules and proposed times for technicians to observe and evaluate power flow, computer access, etc., before we head out. Please let me know if there is anything your teams need, I would rather begin now and have things settle before things get critical.” Jocelyn nodded towards the captain and leaned back into her chair to indicate she was finished with updates.

Realizing it was now his turn to speak, Peter quickly looked back at the Captain. He had been admiring the room and while listening, lost track of the order. “I have my teams running level one diagnostics on all systems prior to launch. With the tighter schedule, I will adjust the nonessential systems to level two so they do not have to go off line for any real length of time. Working with Ops, we are running a scan of the computer cores for anything out of the ordinary. When that returns negative, we will have MARS operational but may want to limit use until we can figure out what the quarks are in a vessel this size. Engineering will be a go at time of departure though.”

Elleese took this moment to chime in, although her report was perhaps less…vital to the ship’s departure than most of the other departments. “I have been familiarizing myself with my new offices and staff, as well as catching up on the personnel files of the crew new to me.” She glanced around the table with a brief, faint smile–given she knew this next statement would not be popular. “I will be expecting to have a…casual meeting and catch-up with all the senior staff as scheduling and mission allows.”

Kahlil waited patiently for her turn. There was not much to share from navigation, there never was. “We have received updated star charts from Starfleet, and a download priority has been placed on the sector of mission objective and surrounding systems. I should have suggested spacial routes within the new few hours. I will also have the computer simulate navigational calculations for the Slipstream Drive to ensure clear paths in case of emergency.”

As was his nature, Zian waited until everyone else had finished before speaking. “Sir, I’ve been working with the security staff to complete a thorough weapons and equipment inventory. I’ve also been finishing up some of the background checks Starfleet Command has requested for new security clearance holders. Finally, I’m reviewing our security SOPs and making sure they are appropriate for a ship of this size,” Zian said and paused before continuing. “Sir, I am curious why this matter was referred to Starfleet Intelligence and not to Security?”

“Due to reasons I am not at liberty to discuss Lieutenant,” the Captain shrugged, unsure what else to say to the man at this point. “As one of our Strategic Operations Officers, Torres reports not only to me, but also Starfleet Intelligence. Just like you report to Starfleet Security, Doctor Hill to Starfleet Medical and so on. Torres is one of their own as much as he is one of ours. Now, let me make make something clear,”the Captain spoke as she rose from her chair, pushing the item of furniture away with the backs of her legs, “we will follow our investigation wherever it may take us, but we will get back our missing crewmates. That, and the successful launch of this ship, is all that should be running through the minds of your people in the next few days. Any thoughts of exploration, gallivanting around the cosmos like the days of old, that all has to wait.” She was certain that her words had been heeded, so called the meeting to an end. “I expect to see most of you on the bridge in 18 hours. Until then, do what you must to make sure we are ready to depart. Dismissed.”

Adam rose along with the senior staff. “Looks like we still have an ice queen in charge,” he muttered to Jonathan when they were safely out of earshot of the CO and XO.



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