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Moving Together, But Not Moving In Together

Posted on Monday September 7th, 2020 @ 3:39pm by Lieutenant Adam Paxton & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Hill M.D.
Edited on on Thursday September 17th, 2020 @ 5:33pm

Mission: Death Be Not Proud
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 20 at 1630

Adam had expected a lot more longing for his last ship when they transferred. The familiar faces probably helped a lot. Especially that both he and Jon had been assigned to the ship, both maintaining their department head roles. Medical had not been assigned a full DH for the shakedown. Flight Control had been lead by a yard assigned Commander who was preparing to take another ship for shakedown. The ship itself was incredible and he was looking forward to getting to take her out.

Adam entered sickbay and saw Jon hard at work, well, staring angrily at a PADD. “Hey, you alright?”

“Just dealing with the incompetence of the Starfleet bureaucracy.” Jon replied hotly as he tossed the PADD on his new desk. As promised, the medical facilities on this new ship were incredible. Not just state of the art but expansive. It was more like a starbase hospital than a starship sickbay. He looked up at Adam and could feel the anger already begin to seep away. “What’s up?”

“Figured, you could use a break. Want to go for a walk, I heard the arboretum is supposed to feel like actually being outside.” Adam asked. “I needed to escape the paperwork for a bit and wanted to see you.” He added sheepishly.

Jonathan was grateful for the chance to get away from his work for a while. “A walk sounds ideal.” He moved around the desk to stand in front of Adam. In a low voice he continued, “And it doesn’t surprise me that you wanted to see me. I recognise the signs of addiction when I seem them.” He smiled as he took Adam’s hand and led him out of the CMO’s office. They crossed a corridor, passed through the medical complex’s reception area and began towards the nearest turbolift.

“I mean, I might call it infatuation instead of addiction but you are the medical expert.” Adam replied giving the Doctor’s hand a squeeze. They entered the lift and Adam ordered it to Deck 16.

Jon’s anger from not five minutes ago already felt like hours ago. “You tell yourself whatever you have to in order to make yourself feel better.”

Adam rolled his eyes but was still smiling, he seemed to be smiling almost constantly when he was with Jon. They stepped inside the arboretum and Adam had to admit, it was impressive. The facility was expansive, it blended full holoemitter walls and advances to the life system created weather in the facility. Right now the sun was high in the ‘sky’ and warm, a gentle breeze was blowing. The air was filled with the smell of plants and Adam had to admit, he would have thought they were on a planet.

“This is impressive.” Jonathan announced as he looked around the Arboretum. The use of holo-technology had created an immersive experience for visitors.

They took a few steps in and Adam noticed there was actually a cart and attendant standing by, signs for ice cream and cold drinks. “Wow they did go all out. Want anything?”

“I’ll have an ice cream. Mint choc chip, if they have it.” Jon asked. He’d always had a sweet tooth and mint choc chip ice cream was his absolute favourite dessert.

Adam returned a moment later with two ice cream cones and handed one to Jon. “So hows the hospital shaping up?” He asked as they started to wander down one of the paths weaving through the trees.

“Slowly.” Hill replied, annoyance creeping back into his tone. He took a deep breath to calm himself and let it out. “If logistics could get things right it would be going a lot better, but I shall persevere and we’ll be ready on time.” He glanced sideways at Adam. “Are you getting to grips with the new drive?”

“You want Starfleet to provide everything you need, before you need it. Come on Jon, you’re too smart for that.” Adam said playfully, taking a lick of his ice cream. “I’m looking forward to getting to try out the new slipstream drive,” He added. “Although we’re still short a shuttle.”

Jon’s hand stopped with his ice cream close to his lips and his features took on a serious expression. “Hang on. You’re short a shuttle? What are we doing standing here? This is a disaster. We can’t leave dock while a shuttle light.”

Adam looked at him for a moment smiling, “You know you’ve probably been a shuttle short most of your career. Probably more so given the marines. I think we’ll manage.”

“Funny boy.” Jon shot back before he licked at his ice cream. “But lets face it, the main reason you transferred over is to get your hands on one of those slipstream drives. Pilots and engineers are very alike, show them a new toy and they get excited in a hurry.”

“There may have been more than one thing aboard the ship that I want to get my hands on.” Adam quipped.

Sometimes Adam was too damn cute for his own good. It was one of the things that Jon liked about him. “I’ll bet there was.” They continued along at a slow pace, enjoying their ice creams. “Still, for all the excitement about my new massive medical complex, I’m gonna miss the Ulysses. She was just starting to feel like home and the smaller facilities allowed for more familiarity among the medical staff and the wider crew.”

Adam nodded, “I’m still trying to learn all the names in my department, and I miss the Ulysses too, but I’m sure the Cassiopeia will start to feel like home in no time.” He took the last bite of his ice cream cone as he watched a hummingbird like creature busy with a large flower. “They really out did themselves with this place, I’m assuming it’s holographic but the attention to detail is remarkable.”

“Remember when you had to actually go to a holodeck to see a hologram?” Jon asked, sounding more like an old man than the 37-year-old that he was. “Now holography is being incorporated into pretty much everything.”

“That’s because you’re old.” Adam joked, he poked Jonathan in the arm. “Although you seem pretty real so I guess it’s safe to say I’m not trapped in a holodeck, had a nightmare where that happened back when I was younger.”

“Old?” Jon asked with mock indignation. “I wonder if it’s too late to request a transfer elsewhere. I don’t need to take this kind of abuse.”

Adam leaned in and kissed the Doctor. “Yeah, but then you’d have to pack and deal with a whole new medical department, sounds like way too much work.”

“Alright, you’re forgiven. But less of the ‘old’, please.” He leaned in for another kiss.

Adam grinned and kissed him back, “I don’t know, I’m a fan of the little bit of grey that’s starting to peak out.” He said touching the hair at his temples. “But fine.” He leaning in for another kiss.

“You’re lucky you’re cute otherwise I’d be taking great offence to all of this right now.” Jon replied as they continued their walk through the arboretum.

“Pfffft apparently there’s more then a few of our new crew mates who were disappointed to hear you’re off the market.” Adam said as they walked around the edge of a relatively large pond that appeared to have a few fish in it. Adam had given up determine which things were holographic and which were natural.

Jon gave a cocky smile. “Of course there are.” He leaned in and lowered his voice, as if about to tell Adam a secret. “I dunno if you know this, but I’m quite a catch.”

Adam smirked, “I’d say so.” He grinned, stealing a kiss. “When do you need to be back in sickbay?”

“Soon.” Jon replied. “But I’m the Chief Medical Officer,” he wrapped his arms around Adam’s waist, “I can make a few more minutes for you.” Leaning in, he kissed Adam again.

“Good, but you should probably try to not piss this Captain off right away like last time.” Adam said with a grin.


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