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Check Up

Posted on Tuesday January 14th, 2020 @ 5:28pm by Lieutenant Adam Paxton & Lieutenant Jonathan Hill M.D.

Mission: Twist in the Tale
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 1 at 1810

Adam was slowly getting all the tediousness of a new ship out of the way. The last things were the medical and psychic eval. He made his way to sickbay and entered, it was fairly busy and several other crew appeared to be getting their medicals out of of the way with various medical staff. A nurse was set up at what appeared to be a make shift reception station, "Here for your medical?" She asked smiling at him.

"Yes, if someone is free, if not I can come back later." Paxton replied.

Doctor Hill approached the nurses station and handed a PADD to her. "Ensign Ryan needs to keep his hand in that dermaline gel bath for the next half hour or so and to learn not to get too close to a malfunctioning EPS tap when he doesn't know what he's doing."

He turned his focus to the young Lieutenant standing at the nurses station. "Lieutenant Paxton." Jonathan extended a hand. "Doctor Jonathan Hill. Here for your physical I assume?"

The pilot nodded with a smile, "Yes, wanted to get it out of the way so you didn't have to track me down."

"Excellent. Why don't you take a seat on one of the free biobeds while I grab a copy of your medical file and I'll be right with you." Jonathan returned to his office and downloaded a copy of the Lieutenant's medical record onto a PADD.

Adam hopped up on the end of the biobed and waited.

"Okay, so anything to report since your last medical? Any new aches or pains? Back pain, muscle spasms, vision problems, recurring headaches?" Doctor Hill asked as he glanced over Paxton's medical records once more for a quick reminder. "That's not an exhaustive list by the way."

"No everything seems to be in working order. Other than stubbing my toe really hard last night." The pilot replied.

Doctor Hill chuckled. "Yeah, we generally advise you not to do that. Hurts like hell." His smile widened. "If you've done any serious damage, it'll show up on my scans and I'll have you rushed to surgery to repair the damage."

Adam smirked, "I'm sure it's fine, my last posting was a Luna-class as well, and as such I'm in the same cabin as the previous ship, same layout but I swear the bedroom is 2 cm more narrow and I keep hitting it on the end of the bed." He shook his head slightly, "I'm sure I'll like, no need to book an OR."

"Okay, first I'm gonna run a series of in-depth scans and then I'll take a blood sample so why don't you go ahead and lie down and we'll get started." One thing about such a large influx of new crew was the number of personnel in need of an updated physical. This was his third or fourth of the day and it was becoming repetitive. But on the upside it did give him a chance to meet two of the new senior officers.

Adam laid down, staring at the ceiling as he heard several beeps, assumably the Doctor beginning the scans. "Are you new to the Ulysses as well? It seems like almost everyone is."

"The Ulysses herself is fairly new." Hill told him as he monitored the scan data readout at the head of the bed. "I came onboard just prior to the beginning of her convoy duties so I've been onboard for about a month. A little strange for there to be such a large turnover in personnel so quickly but I guess Starfleet has their reasons." Starfleet always had their reasons, the Doctor mused, but they seldom gave much insight into their reasoning.

"Starfleet's reasons often allude me." Adam joked, "But I don't have nearly enough pips to understand their logic, that's how that works right?"

Jonathan nodded and smiled. "Ours is not to reason why, Lieutenant." The words had come so easily to him, as well they should; he'd heard them enough times. Gunnery Sergeant McWilliams loved the Tenneyson poem, so much so that he could recite the entire thing by memory and recite it he would, just before they went into combat. It had gotten so that Jonathan could still recite a large portion of it from memory himself almost twenty years later.

The computer's beeps drew him back to the present, his memories tucked away in the box he kept them in once again. "Okay, Lieutenant. Everything looks much as it did during your last physical. I just need to grab a blood sample and we'll be done here."

Adam nodded, "Help yourself."

Doctor Hill retrieved a hypospray and pressed the nozzle against Paxton's arm. He watched for a few seconds as the vial filled with the deep red oxygenated blood of the Human Lieutenant. When there was enough, he pulled the hypospray away. "Okay. I think we're done here."

"Great, thanks Doc." Adam said, getting to his feet.

Jonathan handed the blood sample off to a nurse before turning back to the Lieutenant. "Anytime. If you need anything more, you know where we are. Welcome aboard."

Adam smiled and headed for door. 'At least the CMO is cute.' He thought as he headed for the Bridge.


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