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Locked Up

Posted on Tuesday September 8th, 2020 @ 6:50pm by Lieutenant JG Josue Torres III & Chief Warrant Officer Jayse

Mission: Death Be Not Proud
Location: Somewhere on FreeCloud
Timeline: Day 20 at 1330

Jayse woke up once again with a cold hard surface on her back, her eyes slowly opened and as her eyes focused she was once again greeted by the unusual environment that was her prison cell. It was not the worst cell she had seen, it was cool but not cold and the air was dry but not arid. The rooms seemed to have a similar construction to that of a ships bulkhead which ensured a few things; one, that no one was easily going to break out because of its thick walls and secondly it was going to dampen the sound from inside. This cell could be in the middle of a city and no one would know about it.

All in all it was a rather effective cell that was clearly kept to hold people and not have them be rescued or get out. That was a problem as Jayse knew the longer she remained here the more likely it was she was going to get shipped back to Orion territory and while her owner had died on the ship she would have been passed to a relative in his will. She had not bought her freedom but instead had made the choice that she didn't want to be a slave anymore as it wasn't really her choice to begin with, her parents needed the money.

She started knocking on walls checking if there where any voids or hidden panels which she could use to her advantage. There where a few spots she was suspicious of but she didn't have any means to get into them. The next part of her plan would be to acquire something to pry open a panel with, maybe one of the food utensils they brought her but she would need to find a way to disrupt the sensors as well because she doubted they would just let her mess with the cell while they watched.

She wouldn't have time to act this time around however as the sound of the cell door opening was a sign that her captors had returned. Within seconds of the door opening, a burly Orion man tossed another figure into the cell, gave a hearty chuckle, and left. The door closed behind him.

Writhing on the floor in agony, the bloodied Terran coughed and spluttered, clearing his throat of not only some blood but what was clearly a dislodged tooth. With one eye refusing to open, surrounded by an emerging bruise, he rolled onto his side and looked towards his fellow captive. "Don't worry Chief," he grinned, "it looks worse than it is." Such a blatant lie, but it made him feel better.

Jayse went to the young Lieutenant on the floor, "Sir you are indeed a terrible liar! Do you have any idea why they seem to want to torture us? Have they revealed anything in their questions." She couldn't really do anything for the Lieutenant since they had no medical tools and his injuries were bad but not life threatening so she thought any untrained intervention from her would be more harmful than good. She stood up and tapped on a section of the bulkhead.

"Hear that? there is a panel behind that, I can see the seams, I just need something to pry it up, maybe a knife? If we can keep one I might be able to open the door long enough for one of us to get out and get a message to the Captain. Then again the panel behind it could be the lights and make my life even harder but lets hope its something useful that I can do something useful with." Jayse smiled, "I say we rest up, see if we can get you fit to walk and wait for our chance to get this panel open?" She looked at the Lieutenant technically even in the prison setting he was her superior and technically had command authority.

Dragging himself up against the far wall for support, the younger man coughed, in greater discomfort and pain than before as he held his side in an effort to quell the pain he was feeling. "Right now," he winced, "you're in charge, Chief. Just don't go getting either of us killed, ok?" he paused and tried to muster a smile, "It's talent night next week and I've been practising my juggling..." he laughed, before wincing again.

Jayse smiled widely, "I can't promise you won't die Lieutenant. That's not in my power to control but what I can promise is that we will not make it easy for them. You rest up just now and the next time we get food I will use a fork or knife to get into that panel to get us out of here or at best really mess up their day. But whatever is going on we need to get a message out to Starfleet so they know where we are." She put her hand gently on the mans shoulder, "You will need your energy and sleep is good for healing. I'll stay on watch."

"You'll get no argument from me Chief," the Lieutenant winced as he adjusted his positioning to get as comfortable as he could. The Orion was right in everything that she said, at least, he hoped she was right in everything except her inability to promise he wouldn't die. He had no desire to die in this hell hole.

"So just now we rest and prepare because we are not ending our story here." Jayse sat down on the sleeping mat she had claimed as hers, "We behave just now to allow us to cause mayhem and undermine them later." Jayse leaned against the wall, "Get some sleep L.T. you will need your strength for whats to come."

It didn't take long for the Lieutenant to do as he was told by the older, more experienced officer. Drifting into the land of nod, dreaming of being elsewhere, he became oblivious to all around him as his body slowly started to heal itself.

Jayse watched as the man fell asleep, and she now watched the door. If someone was going to try and take him they were not going to make it out unharmed, but for the moment she was just watching and waiting. Letting her brain work through a plan, she would get some sleep when the Lieutenant was done sleeping as she only needed a few hours. Then they would get to escaping and getting back to where they should be.

Thankfully, the guards had been quiet for the next few hours and Josue had been given time to rest. Granted, it wasn't the twenty-four hours his body probably needed, but it was enough to make him feel a bit better after the pounding he had taken earlier.

"Hey Chief," he winced as he sat up again and glanced across at his counterpart through his one good eye.

"How are you feeling LT? Anything feel any better? Hopefully soon we will have some food and we can start to get out of this hell hole." Jayse smiled at the younger man, she had to get him in the best shape she could because if they needed to move quickly she wanted to make sure he was going to be able to.

"Ribs hurt like hell," he smirked through the pain, "and I can only see out of one eye," he added, "but other than that, I feel great!" he lied.

Jayse smiled as the man was clearly lying but the humour was a good sign, they had not broken him yet and that would be key going forward. Jayse's thoughts where intruded upon by a noise coming from outside it was the sound of footsteps. They where the loud slaps of a man burdened by muscles this was not the woman who had taken an interest in her. They didn't have long to act but she hoped this was there food coming.

The door opened to reveal a man who could barely fit through it, he was a man who looked like his muscles had muscles. He was a mass of a man but what she remembered of the men of her species the bigger the muscles the smaller the brain. She surveyed the man quickly and she saw what she wanted on the waistband. A hyperspanner, she had to have it. She put on her best smile and sallied towards him as he brought in two bowls of some sort of paste. She placed her hand on his chest and gave him the 'eyes' she knew she didn't have the pheramones of others of her gender but she didn't need to seduce him just distract him.

The Big man looked unimpressed he placed the bowels down and flexed his muscle in preparation for what he was about to do. Jayse felt the man flex and used her unseen had to hold the hyperspanner as the man back handed her in the cheek, as she was whirled around to land face down she pulled the tool under her. Her awareness seemed to seep away, barely able to hold on to consciousness as she landed face down on the floor with the slap. She didn't dare to move, pretending to be unconscious was not a hard task for her as the entire side of her face felt on fire and her nerves seemed to be over stimulated.

The Orion man smiled, "Your ways don't work on me wench, I am someone else's you filthy traitor. You should be ashamed to call yourself Orion." The Orion looked to Josue, "You are lucky your friend decided to take the licking for you, but next meal you are going to feel what shes feeling just now." He laughed as he sealed the door behind him

Jayse rolled onto her back the tool resting between her breasts, "I will admit not my best plan but I got a tool to get us out of her. Now all I need to do is remember how to stand and my own name and we'll be ready to go."

"Are you alright?" the Lieutenant queried as he tried to slide over to her and help her as best he could. "Not the brightest of ideas, but at least it worked," he smiled and nodded, looking at the hyperspanner in her hands. "Now what?"

Jayse remained still while she replied, "Well first things first I have to wait till there is not two of everything and hopefully this metallic taste will go away." She paused as she started to feel nauseated, "Oh this better have been worth it." she lifted the tool up to her eyes and smiled, "Oh yes this will do nicely once I am able to move." She smiled at the younger man, "Things just started to look up LT."


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