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In for a Pound

Posted on Monday July 20th, 2020 @ 8:30pm by Lieutenant JG Josue Torres III & Chief Warrant Officer Jayse
Edited on on Monday July 20th, 2020 @ 8:31pm

Mission: Let The Good Times Roll
Location: FreeCloud - Black Serpent Industries Compound
Timeline: Day 13 at 2315

Hotel Elysium - Galt's Gulch

Josue had been on FreeCloud for nearly a week. He'd been sent to try to track someone down, and so far he'd had no luck in doing that. He wasn't used to failure. It irked the hell out of him, and the look on his face said that as he stared at it in the bathroom mirror. He'd just stepped out of the shower, and his body was still beaded with water, more condensing against his skin from the billows of fog filling the air. Wrapping a towel around his waist he pulled the door open and stepped out, the cool air of the room making him shiver slightly as he moved out further.

Running his right hand through the mop of hair atop his head he reached out with his left and picked up the cheap holo-padd the hotel had placed and called up the local directory and started scanning for something he could order to have delivered. A few taps later he had ordered a meal, something local that sounded spicy, and a couple of beers to go with it, and had walked over to the large window overlooking the town below.

Standing there, gazing out, he took in the sight of the massive stretch of Galt's Gulch as it sat between the two hulking mountains on either side of it. There were bright neon colors everywhere he looked, and adverts going all hours of the day and night. Just thinking of the hustle and bustle of life down there gave him a headache. He was used to Starfleet. This was his first field mission, and so he hadn't had time, really, to get used to the fact that even here, even amidst all this confusion, and chaos, he was still working, still actively trying to further the goals of the Federation. He was still looking out at that, still thinking about the state of things when a sharp rap on the door drew him back to reality.

"Shit..." he muttered, looking down at himself, realizing he hadn't even put on any clothes.

Padding across to the door he wiped a little more of the water off his skin, running his hands along his heavily tattooed arms, and across his chest and belly and then wiping the water off on the towel. As he pulled open the door he reached up and did the same for his face. If he hadn't chosen to do that, just then, he'd have realized something was wrong instantly, and might have had a fighting chance. But there's this funny thing about the universe, and how things tend to work out sometimes for the absolute worst. By the time his hand began to move far enough down his face for his eyes to open again he felt the cold touch of metal on his throat. He heard the hiss of a hypo, and before he could even open his eyes the injection dropped him to the floor in a heap.

Black Serpent Industries Compound - Elandra's Office 0028hrs

"Wake him," Elandra said, eyeing the tattooed, olive skinned human man before her. He'd been stripped of his towel and tied to the chair, secure enough that she had no qualms standing quite close.

Watching as her orders were followed she saw the hypo pressed against the man's throat, heard the hiss, and then watched as his eyes began to move behind his fluttering lids, and then smiled at him as they popped open and he jerked in surprise. She heard him hiss in pain as he felt his bonds press into his flesh.

"I'd be careful there, wouldn't want you to hurt yourself," she said. "You are much to pretty to look at for you do that."

Josue felt adrenaline flooding his system. The woman before him was Orion, and so were the four or five other people in the room, all the rest of them men, and nearly all of them armed, other than the few who were wearing nearly as little as he was, and who stood further back in the room. "Who are you? Why am I here?" he asked, allowing his voice to sound just a bit panicked. It didn't take much, since he was actually feeling a bit of panic as it was.

"You know exactly who I am," Elandra replied, smiling at him like a cat might smile at a mouse it was toying with. "And unless I'm very sorely mistaken, you know why you are here."

"I have no idea what the hell you are talking about," Josue said, letting a bit of anger mix with the panic, hoping she bought it and started to think maybe she'd made a mistake.

Elandra laughed, a deep throaty chuckle that lit up her face with a sort of sadistic glee. Reaching forward she stroked his cheek, and then let her hand drop to his chest, sliding the sharp tip of her nail along the skin, continuing down, to his belly, and then further still. With a sudden thrust she cupped him in his most tender area and squeezed, making his eyes go wide and his body tense as a deep gurgling moan broke out of his throat. "Don't toy with me, boy. I've killed bigger men than you for fun," she said, bringing her face close enough that he could smell the expensive wine she'd been drinking still on her breath. "Nod if you understand."

Josue nodded, and then let out a deep breath as the pressure on his genitals released.

"Good boy," Elandra said, bringing her hand back up to tease the back of her finger against his cheekbone. "And such a pretty boy too," she said fondly. "Too bad you are a spy, pretty boy. You'd make a fun toy..."

He watched as she turned and moved across to the massive wooden desk in the center of the room and picked up a PADD. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Josue Angel Torres III. Starfleet Intelligence. Service number JT-11517322-VDO," she read from the file in front of her. "Last assignment USS Cassiopeia. Listed as AWOL, according to my sources, as of four days ago when you suddenly stopped reporting for duty. Looks like the Captain is in a bit of a tizzy, actually. Just doesn't know where you could have gotten off to. She's been chomping at the bit to find out if you might have run off on one of the ships that have come and gone since then."

"Yeah, well, if you'd ever met the bitch you'd have run away too," Josue said.

Elandra laughed, and she laughed even harder than before. "Oh that's good," she said, a gleam of real glee in her eyes. "That's very good. Hell, I might even have believed it if I hadn't heard the stories of her glorious Starfleet career," she added as she put the PADD down and came back towards him. "So, Lieutenant Torres, why don't you try the truth for a change. It might serve you a little better than this bullshit you've been trying to feed me."

"What the hell are you talking about, lady?" Josue asked, looking her straight in the eyes. He'd noticed no one else in the room was willing to do that, so he figured maybe it would goad her and she'd make a mistake.

"Bring her in," Elandra replied, not taking her eyes off of Josue's own.

Behind the chair he was tied to, the heavy wooden door was opened slowly. He heard the sound of two pairs of heavy boots and the sound of something being dragged across the tile, and then across the plush carpet they were on. Turning his head he glanced to the left and saw the unconscious figure of an Orion female suspended between the hulking figures of two Orion males. The female was the woman he'd been sent to find.

"See, you found her after all. Just not in the way you quite expected, I'd be willing to wager," Elandra said with a smirk.

Josue was frozen in place. It was all falling apart. Everything he'd worked so hard to plan. How the hell had they known he was there? How had they gotten to her before he could? How had any of this gone so very fucking wrong? "What do you want from us...?" he asked, finally giving up.

"Want from you? What the hell could I possibly want from either of you?" Elandra asked, genuine incredulity on her face. "I was just curious why in the hell not one, but two Starfleet officers were skulking around in my city, poking their noses in where they didn't belong. Especially one that's an Orion who decided her own people weren't good enough for her," she said, glaring daggers at the other female Orion.

Her expression changed in an instant, a smile replacing the look of incredulity that had adorned her face previously. "But now you come to mention it, there is something I want after all. You see, your capture provides an unexpected, but lucrative opportunity," she paused as she took a step or two away, arms folded across her scantily clad chest as she pondered exactly what she was about to say, until it hit her. She knew exactly what she wanted. "I want the Guardian of the Gate," she smirked when she turned back to face her second captive.

Josue's eyes widened at the use of the nickname by her captor. Guardian of the Gate was a nickname that had been given to someone during a stint defending Starfleet territory in the Gamma Quadrant from enemy forces during a brief, but bloody civil war in the region.

"I want Captain Nazir," Elandra told bluntly, "and you are going to help me capture her..." she laughed. A maniacal-type laugh that even the most horrendous villains of old would have been proud of.


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