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First Date

Posted on Monday July 27th, 2020 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Hill M.D. & Lieutenant Adam Paxton

Mission: Let The Good Times Roll
Location: The Wayward Traveller
Timeline: Day 13 at 1900

Adam had changed four times, finally settling on a grey button-up and dark pants. He wasn't normally nervous about a date, even a first date. There was something about Jonathan that made him nervous, but the kiss definitely showed that at the very least there was a mutual attraction. Agreeing to the date would seem to mean he was at least open to the idea of something more. Adam tried to clear his head as he stepped into the Wayward Traveller.

Hill was already seated, a glass of ice water in front of him. His selection of outfit had been much easier; a pair of tan chinos and a navy v-neck sweater with a white round neck t-shirt underneath. There were no nerves here, though a very strong mutual attraction. When he spotted Adam enter the room, he straightened his back to add a little height and waved him over.

Adam smiled and took the seat across from Jonathan, "Hey." He said smiling, "Or is it's still hello Sir?" Adam asked grinning.

"I think we can drop the formalities for this evening," Hill replied with a grin of his own. Paxton looked good. He always looked good, especially in that uniform but tonight he looked gooood. "So Jon will be fine."

"Jon," He said with a small nod. A waitress approached and Adam ordered an Arnold Palmer. "How's our mystery patient doing?"

Jonathan took a sip of his ice water. "She's stable and regaining her strength. I'm still not sure how she's still alive with the amount of radiation in his body but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth."

"That's good," Adam said, he thanked the server as she set his drink down. "I'm glad she wasn't transferred to another ship. If I almost die I'd prefer you taking care of me."

Jon smiled at Paxton. "Well, I am one of the finest Doctor's in Starfleet's ranks."

Adam rolled his eyes, "I still can't get over your modesty. Still can't believe the Captain promoted you. I mean, I agree you were right, but I'm surprised she promoted you. So, when you going to trade in the blues for the reds."

Command had never been something that Jonathan had aspired to and, given his troubles, he didn't think it would be a possibility. "They don't give command posts to people with my problems." He told Adam with a grim smile. "And I can assure you, I was as surprised as you were."

"Well, I guess there are some perks to you staying out of command, at least for now. I really don't want to fill out the paperwork that goes with dating my commander." Adam replied. "You look good by the way." He added grinning, playing it cool wasn't exactly his strong suit when he was interested in someone.

Hill smirked. "And this is without trying. Just imagine how good I can look when I make an effort."

Adam resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "You really think you're hot shit don't ya?"

"You wouldn't be here if I weren't." Jonathan shot back playfully.

"So what can I get you boys tonight?" The waitress asked coming over to the table.

Jon looked up at the waitress. "I'll have a steak, medium, with pepper sauce and mashed potatoes." He didn't need to look at a menu, when eating out he almost always went with a steak.

"Steak medium-rare, roast vegetables," Adam replied, he hadn't realized how long it had been since he had had a steak until Jon mentioned it. "So, besides telling off your CO when you think they're wrong, and being a fairly competent doctor with a bad case of insomnia, tell me about yourself."

"I enlisted in the Corps when I was sixteen," Jonathan began, "just in time for the shit to hit the fan; war with the Klingons leading to war with the Dominion." A half smile formed. "Got hitched just after the war, developed a drinking problem, went into rehab." On previous dates he'd hidden his problems but there was something about Adam that made him want to be as open a possible.

"When I came out the other side, I decided that I'd had enough of killing. I wanted to help people, to save lives. So I enrolled in med school. It was the best decision I ever made. But I had a relapse, fell back into drinking about five years ago. Nate decided that he'd had enough and split, our divorce was only finalised eighteen months ago. I went back into rehab on Vulcan four and a half years ago and I've been sober ever since."

Adam took Jon's hand and ran his thumb over the back of it. "I can't imagine how hard that is to face every day, my uncle struggled with sobriety, a lot. How have you been doing lately, is it easier now that you're sleeping again?"

"Getting a good nights sleep has made life easier. To be honest, the meditation that I've been doing recently has made controlling my impulses that little bit easier. And for that I have you to thank."

Adam couldn't help but grin like a fool, "Well happy to help, and even if you ever just need someone to distract you."

"Well I'll keep that in mind." Jon studied Paxton as he took another sip of his water. Adam made for a very cute distraction. "What about you?" He asked as he set his glass down again. "Who is Adam Paxton beyond the uniform?"

Adam knew this was coming and always hated this part, broadly he broke his life into pre-academy and post-academy, preferring to talk about the former as little as possible. "Born on New Seattle, parents were industrial types, dad especially didn't take joining Starfleet well. Two siblings both were good kids and did what they were supposed to by joining the family business. I wanted to see the galaxy, do something other than worry about making latinum and having things. So I took the entrance exam, and basically told dad the day I was leaving. He hasn't spoken to me since. Then it was Starfleet."

"That's rough." Jon said softly as he reached out and placed a hand over Adam's. "But it's your life to lead, not his. It can't have been easy to go against him, knowing the likely outcome." The ghost of a smile flickered on Jonathan's lips. "But if you hadn't, my date tonight wouldn't have been nearly as hot." He added a wink as the waitress returned with their food order.

Adam grinned again, Jon definitely had a way of making him smile. He looked at the food and suddenly realized he hadn't actually eaten much today. "I just realized how hungry I am. This looks fantastic."

[90 Minutes Later]

Jon and Adam had left the lounge, partially because it had empty out and the poor server really looked like she wanted to go home. They had been walking in the general direction of Adam's quarters and finally came to the door. "Well, this is me." He said turning to face Jon.

"I had a great time tonight." Jon told him. "It's been a long time since I've been on a date. I was worried that I'd gotten rusty."

"Trust me you did just fine." Adam said smiling, he leaned in and kissed Jon.

Jon deepened the kiss, pushing Adam up against his door. So lost in one another, they paid no attention to the people walking past, making note of this latest piece of juicy gossip. Finally they broke their kiss, breathless. "Somehow, I knew you'd be a good kisser."

Adam grinned, "Why don't you come inside."

"Lead the way." Jon replied with a grin. Adam grabbed a fist full of Jonathan's jumper and pulled him into the room. As the door slid closed behind them, a passing Ensign in sciences blue watched the scene with a knowing smile. He couldn't wait to share what he'd just seen.


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