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Who you gonna call?

Posted on Saturday July 25th, 2020 @ 7:26pm by Commander Aria Winters & Commander Tharia sh'Elas & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Hill M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Javorian Travis & Lieutenant Adam Paxton & Lieutenant JG Peter Wilson & Ensign Jocelyn Zemke & Ensign Nisha Kedam & Petty Officer 3rd Class Robin Jackson

Mission: Let The Good Times Roll
Location: The Wayward Traveller
Timeline: Day 15 at 1730

Standing on the upper level, Commander Aria Winters surveyed the scene below her in delight. All of the planning and preparation had come together beautifully, culminating in the transformation of the Wayward Traveller over the course of just a few hours. It was perfect.

The floor beneath her seemed to move, a mist covering the grey carpet up to waist height. Just to ensure they did not send too many hapless souls in the direction of sickbay, the lowered section of the room had been temporarily filled in to give them maximum floor space which allowed them room to set up tiered rows of seat for the occasion. She hoped nobody would through popcorn at Commander sh'Elas...

The light was at bare minimum, the strip lighting green rather than blue while dotted around the room were various props from the movie the crew was about to watch, little green spotlights illuminating them in the gloom.

Despite the darkness, Aria was unmissable. She had opted to wear a burnt orange shimmer dress, an outfit from the movie while the staff tending to the bar and keeping everyone fed tonight were wearing the one piece jumpsuits of the main characters. She had no idea if anyone else would care to dress up or not, it had been optional on the invite.

All that mattered, Aria reminded herself, was that this was a night for the crew to relax and have fun.

Behind her a temporary bar had been put in place since the wall space behind the serving area presently housed an old fashioned still projector. With her brow furrowed in concentration, Lea Jamieson was applying the finishing touches to the drinks she had poured in anticipation of the crew's arrival. One half green, the other orange, both with only the slightest kick. It was movie night after all.

Satisfied, she stepped back to admire her work. Drinks, a selection of finger foods at a nearby buffet table and finally the best part. Popcorn! Before tonight she had never had popcorn before, and now she found herself stealing some as she filled stripped bags to the brim and set them inside a heater. Apparently it was better if the popcorn was warm. She had no idea why melted butter was needed but who was she to judge.

"Ready!" she announced.

"Perfect," Aria nodded, "right on time. Now we just need people."

Robin, dressed in all black, including a flowing black cape, with his hair styled in a wild spiky fashion, and wearing glow in the dark green contacts walked in. Approaching Aria he smiled, flashing a set of metallic fangs capped over his regular canines. "This looks amazing, Commander!" he said, only the slightest hint of a lisp accompanying his words.

"I love it!" Aria cried in delight as he came up the stairs. She took his arm and guided him towards the bar.

"Come on, you need to try the ectoplasm... Green or orange? Having tried them, I'd actually try mixing them, it is a lovely sweet and sour mix."

"Both it is then!" Robin replied, with a lopsided grin.

Adam entered the lounge surprised to see the level of detail gone into the setup. He nodded to the XO as he approached, "Looks like they pulled out all the stops."

“I figured we should make the most of it,” Aria grinned as the lieutenant reached the upper level. “Movie starts in twenty minutes so help yourself to drinks, food and we have popcorn. Oh, do you know my friend here?” At that she gestured towards Robin.

Robin held out his hand and grinned hungrily. "Robin Jackson, at your service!" he said, quite melodramatically.

Adam shook hands, "I guess we should hide the halloween candy."

Ensign Nisha Kedam, the ship's resident Cardassian, had been going back and forth all day over the decision to join the staff for movie night. As a bit of an introvert, the young woman usually tried to avoid large gatherings, but the promise of some 20th century entertainment and something called 'popcorn' had drawn her to the Wayward Traveller to spend the evening with her colleagues.

Entering the mess facility, the Cardassian was taken aback by the arrangements. The place looked amazing.

Peter walked through the double doors that lead into the lounge. He was wearing an all black suit and tie with a white shirt. It was what the computer had recommended for him as period appropriate for a 20th century "fancy" party. He liked how it looked but was not a fan of how tight the cloth was around his neck. While he should be in engineering, he could use a break and needed to apologise to the Commander again for the head trauma. He could also make due with a drink and good theater popcorn.

Jocelyn had tried to catch up with Lieutenant Wilson before entering. Unable the catch him, she slowed from her brief job and walked through the doors of the Wayward Traveler. She paused in utter amazement of the transformation. A soft white mist hovered over the floor and the bar had been converted into a makeshift concession stand. “Oh WOW!,” she exclaimed, not caring if anyone heard.

She chortled rather dramatically with one hand on her chest and the other on her abdomen, witnessing the cast of characters present for the film. She herself, in less fanfare, wore a replicated black short-sleeve t-shirt with an image of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man wearing 80’s era sunglasses. White letters written on red tape captioned, “I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You.” She thought it fitting considering this night was about melting into leisure and making new friends.

Composing herself, she followed Lieutenant Wilson to the concession stand. “Someone really pulled out all the stops tonight,” she stated, meeting his gaze while waiting on popcorn and a drink.

"Indeed." He said seeing her. "Last time I ask the computer for fashion advice." He laughed. "Popcorn?" He asked offering her the first bucket that came up.

“Yes please!” Jocelyn replied with enthusiasm. She took the bucket of popcorn. “I don’t know Peter, I think you look rather dapper.” She jokingly eyed his outfit from head to toe, “It totally…suits…you.” She intentionally drew attention to the mediocre pun.

Peter laughed out loud and shook his head. "That was bad, but I like it. I'll buy you a drink for that one." He said trying to stop his chuckling to no avail.

"I'm gonna hold you to that," she replied. She gathered her bucket and drink, looking at the crowd and targeting a place to sit.

Doctor Hill entered to find a decent crowd already gathered. He was able to make out Adam and moved through the crowd, greeting people with a silent nod and tightlipped smile as he went. Reaching the pilot, he found him chatting to Petty Officer Jackson a vampire. He ignored Jackson for a moment and addressed Adam, "Hey."

Adam's face lit up more than he probably meant it to. "Hey Jon." He said smiling. "Have you met Mister Jackson?"

Hill studied the young Petty Officer for a moment, looking him up and down in silence. Finally, he cracked a smile. "Looking good, Jackson." He slapped the Petty Officer on the arm as he walked past, looking for somewhere for he and Adam to sit. "So, where do you think the best seats are?"

"At the back of course," Adam said, slipping his hand into Jon's.

Jon allowed Paxton to lead him towards the back row of seating in the makeshift movie theatre. "Why do I get the feeling that I'm not going to see much of this movie?" He asked in a low, playful voice.

Entering from one of the doors on the lower level of the mess facility, a figure covered in a white bed sheet with two holes for eyes shuffled towards the stairs and began to ascend them to the food area. "WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!" the figured whistled as it waved its arms in the direction of a small gathering of officers. In normal circumstances, the sheet would have been quite a disguise, but with two blue antennae sticking out the top, it was pretty clear who was under the ghost-like ensemble.

"You made it!" Aria grinned as she came down the stairs to meet their commanding officer. She had been certain that in the cosmic order of things, something would have kept the Andorian away. She was about to say something else when an automated announcement declared the movie would begin in five minutes.

"Time to grab drinks, some popcorn and find a seat everyone!" Aria called out before lowering her voice as she turned back to sh'Elas. "You have a front row seat. Popcorn and drinks are on the upper level. I have a few more things to take care of but make yourself comfortable."

"WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!" was all that came from the 'ghost' as it began to glide towards the refreshments before making its way towards the reserved seat on the front row.

Adam found a pair of seats in the back corner. He pulled Jonathan into the seats. "These should do."

"I'll have to take your word for it." Hill replied, taking a seat next to Adam.

Adam grinned and pulled Jonathan closer to him as he settled into the surprisingly comfortable seats.

Precisely on schedule, the lights dimmed as everyone took their seats. From her seat, Aria uttered a silent prayer that all would work as planned, breathing a sigh of relief when the audio and visual elements started seamlessly. A few stragglers were guided to free seats by Lea and her trusty torch before she retreated out of sight. Settling into her chair she grabbed a handful of popcorn and watched the story unfold.

It was enjoyable, especially if you didn't try to analyse it in any shape of form. Pure entertainment trying to wrap itself in science. She was watching a giant marshmallow man (what else?) destroying New York when the she first saw it. Popcorn. From the corner of her eye she saw the piece on the downward trajectory, aiming directly for a blue antennae. Her eyes widened for a moment before she breathed a sigh of relief as it fell just a few centimetres short and fell harmlessly to the floor.

Suspicion made her glance at Robin who was suspiciously now shoving copious amounts of popcorn into his mouth. The same popcorn he had been weighing up seconds before in preparation for another attempt. He flashed his best boyish and innocent smile - she was not fooled for a second. Then again, it seemed like it came from rows further back...

As the end credits rolled, the lighting began to return to a more normal level as Lea appeared on the stairs. "We have some refreshments including a buffet on the upper level if anyone would care to stay a little longer," the young woman announced before hurrying back up.

Adam was still leaning against Jonathan's shoulder. "Did you want to stay or would you rather get out here?" The pilot said playfully.

"Why don't we get out of here. Go somewhere a little less crowded." Jon replied gently.

Adam smiled, thanked the XO for the work she'd put into the night quickly as they passed her and followed Jonathan out of the lounge.

"Thanks for coming, have a great night," Aria called after them as Jackson handed her another drink with a pleading look. She sighed, "okay, you can have the room for the rest of the night but you help me clean this place up tomorrow. Deal?"

It appeared so, as he hurried off to prepare to transform the lounge yet again. She was going to regret this in the morning.

"Excellent work," a voice called from the back of the gathering alongside some clapping, drawing the attention of several officers, including the XO. Some confusion followed as they realised that the voice belonged to their Commander. But if she was at the back, who was on the front row?

"Commander sh'Elas?" Aria frowned, looking to the ghostly figure still seated in the front row and back at their commanding officer, clearly surprised and a little confused. "But you..."

"TADA!" the ghostly apparition called out as the figure through off their sheet to reveal junior Lieutenant Shryn Th'vehris from the Stellar Cartography team, who was laughing at the same time as Commander sh'Elas stepped forward clapping and laughing.

"You think I wouldn't hear the rumours about popcorn throwing?" she smirked as she stopped beside her fellow Andorian and put her arm around him. "Lieutenant Th'vehris kindly offered to take my place if I arranged for him to have one of his early morning shifts off," she grinned.

“Well played,” Aria acknowledged with a smile. “And glad you could join us, Lieutenant. And I’m really sorry about this...”

She saw the look of confusion on the stellar cartographer’s face as Aria took a step back just in time as, from the upper level, a veritable mountain of popcorn was tipped over the pair. She grinned up at Jackson who gave a thumbs up before disappearing before his involvement could be noted. “Always have a backup plan,” Aria grinned as she picked a piece of popcorn out of sh’Elas hair and held it out in her open palm. “Popcorn?”

"Well played, Commander," sh'Elas nodded slowly as she brushed off her uniform and gave the XO the respect she deserved, "now I suggest you get this cleaned up, or this will be the first, and last, movie night," she ordered before turning on her heels and departing from the mess facility.

Jocelyn had a tremendous grin on her face. She had been aloof, watching various officers engaging with one another. She finished off the first round plate, and approached to gather a few more of the favorites before calling it a night. "Can I help you pack things up Commander? I definitely want to make sure we have another one of these."

"Thanks, I got it covered," Aria assured her, "but you are more than welcome to join me at the bar?"

Jocelyn nodded, finishing the last morsels of food from her plate. "I'll take you up on that Commander."

"So where are we going?" Adam asked Jonathan as they made their way out of the lounge and towards a lift.

Hill smiled. "Why don't we take a walk in the arboretum."

"Sure," Adam replied taking the Doctor's hand.



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