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In For A Penny

Posted on Tuesday July 14th, 2020 @ 8:12pm by Captain Keziah Nazir & Lieutenant Commander Javorian Travis & Lieutenant JG Josue Torres III & Chief Warrant Officer Jayse

Mission: Let The Good Times Roll
Location: FreeCloud - Black Serpent Industries Compound
Timeline: Day 11 at 0925

Elandra's Office

Reclining on the soft, overstuffed, and superbly lavish lounge chair, Elandra smiled. Her emerald skin, sumptuously oiled, and barely covered by the thin, nearly transparent fabric of her flowing robe, seemed to glisten in the dim light of the room. Around her were a select few of her male slaves, a fact that would have surprised many outside of the inner circles of the Orion Syndicate. Most considered that it was the other way around, and most who found out otherwise never made it back to their people to say otherwise.

Reaching over, she trailed a finger, tipped with a lacquered black nail, filed to a point, against the soft green skin of the male who knelt beside her. He was pretty enough, all lean muscle and smooth skin, with an almost androgynous look, and the stupidity that she favored so much in those she allowed into her bedchamber.

"Put something on and go find me Oren," she crooned, and watched as his eyes glaze slightly and he stood, his muscles flexing with each move he made.

Minutes later, just as she was about to take a sip of her drink the doors opened again, and her most trusted advisor walked in. "You requested my presence, Mistress?" he asked, coming to kneel in the customary place, head bowed, and his gaze locked on the floor before him.

Swinging her legs over Elandra stood, her diminutive figure seeming to move with the grace of a dancer. "I did," she said as she made her way to the long, expensive carved wooden table that had been laid with platters of fruits, and cheese, and cured meats. Plucking a cube of Betazoid sheep's milk cheese, and a slice of tart Terran apple, she popped them both in her mouth and chewed, savoring the flavors as they blended to perfection.

Moving closer she knelt as well, reaching forward, and stroking the man's cheek, letting the slightest bit of pressure press the tips of her nails into the supple flesh. "You are growing old, soon I will have need of a new general..." she mused, a slightly feral smile on her face. "But for now, you will do. I have word that there is a person of interest to our organization that has been lurking about. She's one of our own, or at least she was once. She's since turned her back on our people, and gone to serve our enemies. I wish to speak with her. Find her and bring her to me."

Oren nodded, still not bringing his face up to look at hers. He had made that mistake once. That's why he now only had one good eye. She'd left him lying in a pool of his own blood, with a thin dagger stuck in the left orbital socket of his face. She chose those who shared her intimacy very carefully, and those who were not chosen did not look upon her face. It was a hard lesson, and one he had learned quite well. "Yes, Mistress, it will be as you desire," he said, his deep voice ringing from the floor. He knew better than to ask questions, also. He'd seen her order a man's tongue removed. When she spoke you listened, and then you figure out what she didn't tell you on your own. If you weren't capable of doing that you ran, and you ran far.

"You may go," she said as she stood back to her full height, and smoothed her robe across her thighs.

Oren stood, keeping his face lowered, and began to make his way to the door. Just as he was about to grasp the handle she spoke again. "Oh, and Oren, if you harm her in any way, you will join your brother much sooner than you'd ever dreamed of," she said.

A shiver of revulsion went down Oren's spine, and the hand that reached out to grasp the door handle trembled as gooseflesh broke out across his muscular body. By the time he was outside the door he was fighting back a massive anxiety attack as his mind flashed back to the day he'd come home to find Movar dead, his body broken nearly beyond understanding, and a look of such horror and pain on his face that Oren had run screaming. The day he'd found out that Elandra herself was responsible for the carnage, had done the things he'd seen with her own hands, that was the day he'd known his life was hers to do with as she pleased, and that he would never have the courage to escape her.

Rand Square - 2240 hrs

"It's her boss, I've triple checked. Everything about her matches," the voice piped through the earpiece said.

Oren squinted his eyes just slightly as he looked through the high-powered binoculars. "Agreed, take her," he said and watched as the lithe figures of one of his Snatchers, dressed in all black, and his deep green skin streaked with darker shades to make it harder to get an accurate look at his face, stepped out of the alcove he'd hidden in and began to swiftly approach the figure they'd tailed for the past three nights.

"Excuse me, miss," he heard the man say through the earpiece, and then heard the sound of a struggle as he stepped forward and wrapped his long arms around her, pressing a hypo to her neck and injecting her with a strong dose of sedatives. "I'm ready for transport," he heard a few moments later after the sounds of struggle faded.

"Stand by," Oren replied, and pulled out his PADD, tapping a few commands in. Second later both the two in the square and he himself disappeared in the sparkle of a transporter beam.

Black Serpent Industries Compound - Elandra's Office - 2330hrs

Jayse woke up slowly, her eyes out of focus but she knew she was not somewhere she knew. She shook her head slightly in an attempt to ward off the sleepiness of her body, things slowly started to come back into focus. She rubbed her head and her neck as they both ached, as she touched her neck it was like a bolt of lightning she remembered. She was approached by someone then a sting in her neck then things went dark.

She sat up slowly she didn't know what they had given her so she was not going to stand until she was sure it was safe for her too. This was not good, at least when she didn't return her captain would know she was missing it wasn't like she would not be missed. She looked around the room and started to take things in, it would be an hour before she was truly sharp but she needed to start to form a plan to get out of here. She sat taking deep breaths, fear is the mind-killer, it stops you from achieving, she could not let fear rule her.

Elandra had been watching, via a PADD, from just outside the door. As the other Orion woman began to stir, and then to start looking around, obviously a bit dazed, a smile crossed her lips. "Oh goodie..." she murmured to herself, and then passed the PADD to the scantily clad male beside her. Reaching forward she twisted the large brass doorknob and then pushed the door open before her.

"Good evening," she said, striding across the room, and giving the woman a winning smile. "I do so apologize for the tactics we used to get you here. I hope you weren't hurt...?" she said, letting her voice fade into an obvious question.

Jayse looked at the Orion Woman and willed herself to her feet, "Chief Warrant Officer Jayse: J-10837582-OND" She looked the woman in the eye and repeated, "Chief Warrant Officer Jayse: J-10837582-OND" Jayse was expressionless but was curious to see what she would do. She didn't know who the woman was but as she didn't she would follow the protocols set out by the federation and stall till her Captain sent people to look for her.

"I assure you, my dear, I already know all of that. You can just be silent if that's all you plan to say," Elandra replied, activating the console set into her desk. "But if you do have anything to say otherwise I'll be all ears," she added, turning her attention to the screen. She was more offended now than she'd thought she'd be. The woman before her was an Orion. Born and bred from the stock of the people they shared. What offended her was how very strongly she'd turned her back on those people. She was so stiff, and formal, and she didn't even smell like an Orion female should, and all of that just swirled together, making Elandra sick to her stomach.

The other woman seemed upset with Jayse which made her smile inside, “Kidnapping a federation officer could be construed as an act of war. Not sure if that’s what you are trying or do you simply think because our skin is the same that I crave to be a dancing slave girl. That after all is a choice to be made by me, as slavery is not mandatory in our species. I made my choice and I’m sure you chose to dance your way to freedom and money. I chose to do something greater than acquiring wealth, I chose to help others, oh and Chief Warrant Officer Jayse: J-10837582-OND.” Since it seemed to annoy her so much.

Wandering to a nearby table, Elandra ran her fingers across a cloth that seemed to be covering something. "Oh, but we've been at war for such a long time already," the free Orion female smiled as she pulled the cloth back to reveal a large, pointed and serrated blade, "only Starfleet and the Federation fail to see it," she spat with incredulity as she spoke the names of the insipid empire her kin believed she represented.

Lifting the large blade, Elandra grinned from ear to ear as she sauntered over to the captive woman before giving a single nod to the scantily glad male who had taken a back seat during their exchange. With a strong hand placed on the prisoner's shoulder, he forced the woman down to her knees.

Crouching herself, the dominant female lifted the blade and gently, slowly, ran the smooth side of it against her prisoners right cheek. "Maybe it's time for you to talk after all..."

Jayse smiled at the woman before her vision once again faded to black.


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