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Petty Playthings

Posted on Tuesday July 14th, 2020 @ 8:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Javorian Travis & Ensign Jocelyn Zemke

Mission: Let The Good Times Roll
Location: Ops Office
Timeline: Day 14 at 0730

Javorian had been up since zero-four-thirty but hadn't planned on waking until around zero-nine-thirty, seeing as it was technically his day off. As he strode purposefully down the corridor, his face a stoic mask hiding his seething annoyance, he contemplated just how often the universe tended to conspire against the best laid plans of mice and men, and then had to suppress a smile as he realized just how very old that tiny bit of literary observation was, and just how very much he'd gotten from his husband in regards to ancient Earth literature. The man was light years away, and they saw each other in person at most once or twice ever couple of years, but still, he was able to get stuff stuck in Javorian's head.

In his hand was the compact grey holo-platform for a game. It was a silly thing, really, but important to him. Since he'd been rudely awakened well before he'd planned to be up, and pulled to the main science lab for what had amounted a juvenile popularity contest with two of his senior specialists, he had known he'd never be able to get back to sleep, and had decided to have a large cup of coffee, extra sweet, double cream, probably more cream and sugar than coffee if he was completely honest, and play a few games of Michael's favorite game. It wasn't until he sat down at the table to enjoy the coffee and boot up the antiquated piece of machinery, that he realized something was terribly wrong.

He'd pressed all the right buttons, and he'd even checked to make sure it was connected to the ship's wireless connection, but still, it wouldn't load the upload menu that would ensure his game progress was saved to the game servers. It seemed that sometime in the last few months, during the few moves he'd made, something in the file system had been corrupted and was not activating the software that would allow the up-link. He could play it just fine without that, but they'd both agreed never to do that. It was just one of those little things they did to keep themselves feeling connected, even when they were sometimes months apart at maximum warp. So, he'd finished his coffee, sitting in stony silence, illogically glaring at the offending piece of technology, and wondering if he could design a way to make it feel pain. Finally, after he'd drained the last of the drink, he sighed, and picked up the game, heading out into the corridors of the ship to find the one person he felt would be able to help him the most.

Walking into the ops office, dressed in a pair of dark grey slacks, and a bulky, heather green sweater that accented the color of his eyes, and made his skin tone even richer than it already was, he looked around, taking not of the few people he could see working, and then, headed for the chief of ops office. Approaching the open doorway he rapped his knuckles firmly against the duranium frame. "Ensign Zemke, might I trouble you for a few minutes?" he asked, his deep voice as toneless and inflectionless as it usually was.

Jocelyn was still getting acquainted with the day-shift officers and accustomed to the senior staff communicating with her directly. She knew, of course, who they were, and trusted that they were aware of her presence and work. However, it was usually only their names and signatures on PADDS, not their physical being making requests. It was exhilarating and unnerving all at the same time. She still felt moderately insecure about her age, rank, and experience, but trusted the command team's confidence. It's really all she had to trust in.

"Of course Commander, come in please." She motioned him over to the office, "Please excuse the mess Sir. I am still settling in."

Javorian gave her a slight smile, a concession to the fact that it was his first time meeting her and he'd learned over the years that people truly reacted better if he tried to start off more warm than his usual. Glancing around he noticed that what she considered a mess wasn't honestly all that bad. "Not at all," he replied.

"And please, call me Javorian. I'm not on duty, so rank is really not necessary. I actually came to ask you for a personal favor. I hope you don't mind?" he added.

"Of course not...Javorian," she replied, pausing with mild trepidation about using his first name. "What can I help with?"

Holding up the rectangular holo-platform he tilted his head towards it. "I went to sign on to the game server a few hours ago, hoping to play one of the games my husband and I both enjoy playing from time to time, and it wouldn't connect to the wireless connection. It will play offline, but it won't let me connect so my information will be available if he wants to play a match to try to beat me..." he said, suddenly feeling silly about the whole thing.

"That's really sweet," Jocelyn commented, taking the console with a smile. "What do you both play...if you don't mind me asking?" She was gentle with the machine, observing the main screen. Her eyes intent on exploring the inner workings of the software.

"Mostly logic games, a few different forms of chess, one of them we actually have going in real time. It saves our moves and we have been playing it for about two years now. I think I'll have him in check sometime in the next few months," Javorian replied, watching the woman tinker with the device.

“In that case,” Jocelyn replied, pulling a PADD from the lower hutch, “I am going to back up these files before I go any further.” She found his explanation endearing and sentimental. Something she should have thought about long ago. “What a great way to keep in touch with loved ones,” she added, cloning the existing system and datafiles, transferring them to the PADD.

"It was all his idea," Javorian responded as stoically as usual, "but it works for us." The Commander watched for a few seconds before nodding to the woman. "I should visit one of the labs, so I will leave the game with you, if that is acceptable, Ensign?"

"Yea, sure thing," she replied focused on the console in her hands. "I'll make sure it gets returned to you ASAP." Javorian exited the Ops Bay. She thought about checking in, after her duty shift was complete, on the the games her cousins might be playing. It certainly seemed like a great way to stay connected to the Zemke clan. She exited her office, console in hand, tapping it against her free hand. She was curious if this might be another one of those flukes happening across the ship. She would have to test the theory. She plugged the gaming device into one of the empty testing stations. Another independent system that could run a quick and thorough analysis of the coding in the device.

Now all she had to do was wait.


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