Specifications - Luna Class Exploratory Cruiser


The Luna-class is Starfleet's newest-generation long-range explorer, a starship not built specifically for combat, but like the Constitution-class of the previous century, a vessel designed for a long-term multipurpose mission into uncharted space. Equipped with conventional tactical systems (deflector shields; phasers; quantum torpedoes), Luna also boasts state-of-the-art propulsion and cutting-edge scientific equipment, as well as being a testbed for experimental science tech not yet available on other classes.

The Luna-Class Development Project was initiated in 2369 in response to the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole, and originally conceived as leading a planned Starfleet wave of deep-space exploration in the Gamma Quadrant. The project was spearheaded by Dr. (Commander) Xin Ra-Havreii, a Starfleet theoretical engineer at Utopia Planitia. Field testing on the prototype USS Luna was under way by 2372 in the Alpha Quadrant, and construction of the fleet was scheduled to begin the following year. Unfortunately, contact with the Dominion and the subsequent outbreak of hostilities mothballed the project indefinitely, as Starfleet redirected its shipbuilding resources to the production of vessels better suited to combat.

Upon the war's end in late 2375, Dr. Ra-Havreii correctly judged that the Federation's cultural psychology would eventually shift back toward its pre-war ideals, and pushed to have the Luna-class revisited as a major step toward resuming Starfleet's mission of peaceful exploration (even though the class would no longer be assigned exclusively to the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant). Construction of an initial fleet of twelve Luna-class vessels was completed by 2379, and the Titan was offered to William T. Riker, one of many command officers eager to put the strife of the last decade behind him.

In 2393, construction of the USS Ulysses was completed at Deep Space 11 and the Ha'dara Fleetyards in the Gamma Quadrant, the first ship to be constructed at the facility.

Class Specifics

Class Luna Class
Role Exploration Cruiser
Duration 100 Years
Time Between Refits 10 Years
Time Between Resupply 5 Years


Length 455 Metres
Width 205 Metres
Height 80 Metres
Decks 16

Personnel Statistics

Officers 75
Enlisted Crew 250
Civilians 50
Emergency Capacity 500

Primary Systems

Computer Control System Bio-Neural/Isolinear Hybrid Control System
Communications Range 20 Light-years
Cargo Transporters 6
Personnel Transporters 4 Six-person
Transporter Range 45,000 Kilometres

Propulsion Systems

Thrusters RCS Thrusters
Cruise Speed Warp 8.4
Maximum Speed Warp 9.5
Emergency Speed Warp 9.98
Quantum Slipstream Drive Capable no

Tactical Systems

Defensive Systems Ablative Hull Armour
High Powered Structural Integrity Field
Auto-Modulating Shield System
Metaphasic Shield System
Regenerative Shield System
Offensive Systems 1 Type-IX Phaser Array
5 Type-XII Phaser Arrays
Torpedo Launchers
Torpedo Complement 60 Quantum Torpedoes
100 Photon Torpedoes
100 Probes (Various Design)
2 Tri-Cobalt Devices

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 1 Type-10 Personnel Shuttle
3 Type-11 Personnel Shuttles
2 Type-15 Shuttlepods
Runabouts 1 Aerowing Runabout (Science Configuration)
1 Argo Class Transport (and Land Vehicle)