Specifications - Excelsior Class Starship


The history of the Excelsior Class tends to consist of extremes. The Excelsior Class was the testbed for many new techologies and ideas in Starfleet thinking including a captains ready room, failed transwarp drive, and a new style of living arrangements for Starfleet officers. Initially fitted with a transwarp drive and proclaimed 'The Great Experiment', the ship had an ignoble start when its engines failed when it was called into action to prevent the theft of the USS Enterprise. Although this was due to deliberate sabotage, it transpired that the Excelsior had been saved from a major disaster. Engineers working to correct the damage discovered a series of flaws in the transwarp drive which, had it been used, would have caused a nacelle implosion which would have destroyed the ship. The USS Excelsior spent nearly a full year in spacedock while engineering specialists struggled to repair the problem. Re-launched early in 2286, the ship met with little more success.

Although the fatal flaw of the transwarp drive was repaired, the system was subject to major problems and over the next year it never completed a successful test, much to the embarrassment of Captain Styles and his crew. Finally, Starfleet cancelled the transwarp project altogether, and for a short time the Excelsior faced decommissioning. There was nothing wrong with the basic engineering of the space frame however, and in all other areas the Excelsior Class was still the most advanced ship in Starfleet, and indeed the entire quadrant, by a considerable margin. In light of this Starfleet rapidly decided to fit the Excelsior Class with a more conventional propulsion system. She returned to spacedock for the third time in 2287 to have her hull converted to run with a standard warp drive. This process went remarkably smoothly, and by the end of the year the Excelsior was in space again. From here the history of the ship leapt from one extreme to the other. From being a costly and embarrassing failure, the Excelsior rapidly built a reputation for outstanding performance and a solid reliability few other designs have matched. Series production commenced at once, and continued unbroken for the next thirty nine years, a record for Federation shipbuilding. The Excelsior herself was assigned to Captain Hikaru Sulu in 2290 and conducted extensive scientific, exploratory and diplomatic missions under his distinguished command.

Class Specifics

Class Excelsior Class
Role Exploratory Battlecruiser
Duration 20 Years
Time Between Refits 5 Years
Time Between Resupply 3 Years


Length 467 Meters
Width 185 Meters
Height 100 Meters
Decks 28

Personnel Statistics

Officers 115
Enlisted Crew 450
Civilians 375
Emergency Capacity 1500

Primary Systems

Computer Control System Duotronic Computer Control System
Transporter System Cargo and Personnel Transporter Systems
Cargo Transporters 3
Personnel Transporters 4 (Eight Person)
Emergency Transporters 2 (Fifteen Person)
Transporter Range 100,000 Kilometers
Sensor Range 10 Lightyears

Propulsion Systems

Thrusters RCS Thrusters
Cruise Speed Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 7
Emergency Speed Warp 8.5 for 24 Hours

Tactical Systems

Defensive Systems Class 6 Hull Conformal Shielding System
Duranium Double Hull
Particle Weapons 10 Type-VIII Phaser Banks
Projectile Weapons 2 Burst Fire Torpedo Launchers (Fwd, Neck)
2 Burst Fire Torpedo Launchers (Aft, Stardrive Section)
Torpedo Complement 600 Photon Torpedoes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 10 Personnel Shuttles
2 Workbees