Let The Good Times Roll

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Life on a Starship may seem like a never ending duty shift, but even the best in Starfleet need some down time. Whether it's on the holodeck, at the bar in The Wayward Traveller or elsewhere on the ship, everyone is entitled to a some fun and games every once in a while. In 'Let The Good Times Roll', you see the crew at their funniest, stupidest, most outrageous best as they form the bonds of friendship that will make them even stronger when the call of duty arrives.

Part of The Curious Case of Breloc Tejar

Death Be Not Proud

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Difficult decisions await the crew of the Ulysses as the ship warps towards the Beta Antares Shipyards to undergo a series of overhauls, with concerns of sabotage on the rise. Commander Tharia sh'Elas has accepted a transfer to Admiral Azulas' staff at Starbase 565 and a number of key Ulysses personnel have been offered the chance to serve aboard the luxurious new Polaris-class starship docked at the Shipyards. Commanded by a distinguished veteran of several conflicts, the ship is due to begin Starfleet's first five year mission of exploration for several decades.

As the crew wrestle with their choices, Captain Keziah Nazir assembles her crew for a mission of utmost importance prior to the start of their exploration mission; a member of her crew on an undercover assignment has gone missing on Freecloud, the mecca of businesses of all kinds.

Part of The Curious Case of Breloc Tejar

Twist in the Tale

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With an impending trip to Romulus on their minds after several weeks escorting a supply convoy from Zakdorn to Berengaria and back again, the crew of the USS Ulysses are enjoying a relatively short layover at Deep Space 5 prior to taking on their first mission of significance. But, on the eve of their departure, a Starfleet Admiral arrives with a mysterious visitor in tow, and new orders that threaten to throw the Ulysses into turmoil from the get go.

With mystery, intrigue and suspense the order of the day, its business as usual on the Ulysses. A ship of exploration; a crew tossed into the lion’s den – what could possibly go wrong?

Part of The Curious Case of Breloc Tejar

Whispers In The Dark

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Death and destruction. Intrigue and suspense. A colony in ruins, its atmosphere still burning. On the surface, its people are reduced to smouldering piles of bone and ash. The Federation Colony on Xendi Sabu has suffered an atrocity of unfathomable proportions, but why? Who could have carried out such a depraved and brazen assault on Federation soil? After nearly three days of travel at high warp, Ulysses arrives to find a planet still burning. With another raft of changes to her personnel, Commander sh'Elas entrusts the investigation into the attack to her senior officers, keen to learn the truth as soon as possible. Soon enough, the mystery takes a twist when a lone survivor paints a startling picture of the brutality she endured, but the worst is yet to come...

Part of The Curious Case of Breloc Tejar