Lieutenant Ameld Zian

Name Ameld Zian

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 32
Starfleet Service Number AZ-8829834

Command Codes

Voice Authentication Code Ameld-Beta-Seven-Seven

Physical Profile

Height 6'0"
Weight 196lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Zian is a tall, with a lean, athletic look. He has a square face and his eyes are set deeply, giving him a somewhat owlish appearance. His hair is cut short, almost severely so. He has long fingers, with well manicured nails. His shoulders are broad, the result of years of hard physical training. He walks somewhat forward on his feet.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Zian in a life long learner. He can become overly obsessed with something new, and has a tendency to talk about the new topic too much. He tends to be reserved, especially in new settings. He also has been trained to evaluate threats, even when he is not on duty or even when he is out of uniform. He has strong emotions that he has learned to hold in check. He believes that acting with honor is of utmost importance, and deep down he believes that Cardassians are not honorable. He has become more relaxed with command duties and thinks more of his staff than he did before.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Zian hopes to find a home and have children one day. He also hopes that one day he can return to the Academy and be an instructor. +Reading/ Learning
+Sports of all kinds
+Hiking on new worlds
+Eating new foods
+Martial Arts
Strengths and Weaknesses +High character
+Physically strong
+Quick Learner
-Introverted (Sometimes)
-Inflexible moral code
-Distrust of Cardassians

Family History

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Ameld Zian was born in the Musilla Province of Bajor in 2360. Zian’s parents were semi-skilled laborers who toiled in a Cardassian manufacturing plant during the day and returned to their humble home on the bank of the Holana River every night. Zian’s father, Ameld Patith and his mother Ameld Koba, took great care to shelter Zian as much as possible from the Cardassians who rule the planet and dominated their lives. For the most part, they succeeded and from birth until the age of six, Zian lived and learned life free of fear. His grandmother, too frail to work, taught him to read and write and encouraged him to seek out new things. He knew his parents worked hard and when a Cardassian showed up in the makeshift village, he had to keep his eyes down and his mouth shut but it was a good life and they, unlike many, had enough to eat thanks to the river’s bounty.

When he was six, everything changed for Zian. The Bajoran Resistance conducted a bombing operation, exploding four bombs, including one in the plant where his parents worked. The explosion was massive, shaking the ground so hard that Zian fell down and was afraid to get up. The noise ripped through the countryside, leaving a ringing in his ears that took days to pass. When Zian was able to stand, he hurried home, ignoring the damage to the flimsy buildings, cutting his feet on metal fragments. He arrived to see that his own home had been flattened by the explosion. He cried out and dug frantically through the debris, looking for his grandmother. When he found her his cries grew. His grandmother lay crushed under the main support beam for the home. Her eyes were closed and Zian found it strange that she looked so peaceful. The little boy sat in the rubble, holding his grandmother’s hand as a blood red sun set behind him.

Hours later, Zian’s father returned home. His father was injured. He limped badly and one side of his face was burned. But his eyes were clear and he quickly gathered up what supplies he could, grabbed Zian by the hand and pulled him into the hills. Zian’s last sight of the river was under a rising moon, smoke wafting in the air and the sound of his own sobs in his ears. His life of peace was over.

The next years were hard on Zian. He found out, but didn’t understand, that both his mother and father had been leaders in the local Bajoran Resistance cell and had helped plan and conduct the bombing that destroyed the manufacturing plant and killed many of the Cardassians. In the operation, Zian’s mother was killed. Zian cried until the tears wouldn’t come anymore. For a while he wouldn’t eat the gruel that his father made. He missed his family, his home and the river. Instead they lived in caves and his father left him in the care of a young Bajoran woman named Eni Aje. She was a kind woman who had been scarred badly by a Cardassian. The scars on her face were deep and many. Zian was afraid of her for a long time. But eventually her kind nature, which somehow endured her torture, won him over and he began, slowly to heal.

And so the years passed. His father was a prominent member of the Bajoran Resistance and when the Cardassians left Bajor in 2369, he became one of the Bajoran Ministers. They moved from the caves back to the river and for the second time, Zian knew peace. He was nearly ten and had seen too much death and injury to be just a boy. His mind, encouraged by his grandmother and his now stepmother Aje, was sharp and he’d inherited his father’s athletic build.

His first encounter with a Starfleet Officer came when he was twelve. By that time his father had built a small home on a piece of property, ironically not far from the former manufacturing plant. The whine of the shuttle had drawn Zian like a moth to flame and his mouth gaped as it landed. He’d seen Starfleet shuttles overhead but with no major cities nearby, they never landed. The craft had barely set down before he was running towards it. A stern looking Earth woman in a red uniform stepped out of the shuttle.

He didn’t know it, but as he shook the strange woman’s hand, his whole life had changed. Looking back, years later, Zian would recall the stern face fading into a warm smile. “I’m Lieutenant Emily Olafson.”

Lieutenant Olafson, sometimes called Em or Olaf, became a regular visitor to Zian’s home as she worked to help the Provence modernize. She often brought other officers, including a security team when other VIPs visited them as well. The security team always made time to talk to Zian and he loved the sense of comradery they shared. Soon he had them teaching him basic martial arts and learning about their equipment. His father wasn’t thrilled but his strict sense of right and wrong would never abide hypocrisy. He also thought it a good thing for the next generation of young Bajorans to be skilled in the arts of war. Zian’s father never stopped believing that Cardassia would eventually return to Bajor.

A new school was built and Zian experienced structured learning for the first time. It was trying on both him and his teachers. There was little doubt he had inherited his mother’s intelligence but he’d also inherited his father’s stubbornness and the two traits often landed him in trouble. But as he matured, and learned to master his emotions, Zian excelled. He finally voiced what he’d been thinking since he first shook Lieutenant Olafson’s hand. “Father, I’m joining Starfleet.”
Starfleet Service History Despite his father’s protests, Zian arrived at Starfleet Academy on Earth in 2378. The sheer size of San Francisco and the diversity of races, was shocking to the young Bajoran. He dove into his studies at the Academy, partly because he wanted to prove his father wrong but also to avoid everything outside of the Academy walls. He made few friends, his roommate was a Klingon named T’ashad Cezagh but was always called Tash or sometimes just C. The two shared a love of athletics and both branched security. Zian had never doubted that was his path. Together they formed a formidable duo, each guarding the other’s back and each helping the other in areas they were weak. Zian admired Tash’s sense of honor and found it to resonate with him.

Zian graduated eighteenth in his class and second in his branch, just behind Tash, which the Klingon took great pride in reminding him every time they met. In 2381, Zian was assigned as a security officer on the USS Essex, an Akira Class vessel tasked with exploring the edge of Federation/ Romulan space, being based out of Deep Space 6. DS6 was a border station that had suffered various Romulan incursions and the added power of the Essex was supposed to tilt the balance towards the Federation. During his four years on the Essex, Zian made a handful of close friends. He was considerate but somewhat aloof. Partly he was focused on learning his duties as a security officer, in which he excelled and partly because he found most of the crew to have what he thought of as serious flaws. He missed Tash’s presence.

Zian was promoted to Lieutenant JG after his third year as an ensign and was given a squad of security officers to supervise. His Chief of Tactical and Security, Lieutenant Commander Alden Reed, was a charismatic man with a big laugh and bright green eyes. He encouraged Zian to continue to learn and began assigning him to man the tactical station on the bridge during the late hours watch. This gave him valuable experience working with the command staff and at operating the weapons systems.

In 2384 Zian was reassigned to the USS Neptune, a Galaxy Class ship. The transfer came as a surprise to Zian, who had expected to be on the Essex for a few more years. But Commander Reed assured Zian that the move was a good one for his career and that he was ready for the change. The Neptune was a larger, louder and more hectic ship that the one he left. The captain was an outgoing woman named Clarise Hael. Captain Hael was, to Zian’s view, lax and overly familiar with the crew. But the Neptune’s main mission was escorting various ambassadors and diplomats to planets all over Federation space, and sometimes beyond. Zian was miserable from the beginning. He was given responsibility for one of the section security shifts, almost thirty people. He endured dress uniforms and speeches and the difficulties of dealing with touchy ambassadors. While he longed for the simpler tasks on the Essex, he found that he had a natural talent for dealing with the diplomats and was often present at tense talks. He rarely had bad experiences, except for a disastrous assassination attempt on Ramatis. Zian was injured in that attack and was sent on shore leave to recover.

Returning home after years away, Zian found his father much the same, although with more wrinkles. The two managed to find a peace of sorts, neither discussing Starfleet nor his injury. Instead they took long walks, ate good food and read books together. As his recovery progressed, Zian and his father discussed the future of Bajor. His father wanted Zian to come home and take up his position but Zian declined, albeit with a bit of the gracefulness he’d learned from the diplomats. His father let the subject drop and for the rest of his shore leave they passed the time together playing games and listening to each other. After his three month leave, Zian returned to the Neptune and found that returning felt like slipping on a comfortable pair of shoes. The security officers under his command found the lieutenant to be less edgy and prone to sharp words. Unknown to him, he’d been considered a demanding taskmaster by the security team.

In many ways, Zian’s five years on the Neptune shaped him as a Starfleet Officer. He rose in both rank, to lieutenant and position, eventually rising to the Assistant Chief of Security. He was still the most demanding security officer on the ship, but he laughed occasionally and once in a long while let things slide. He fell in love and out of love and suffered all the things that come with such a loss. But his personal code, developed during the time with his still best friend Tash, was his guiding light. He strove to act with honor and helped lead by example.

In 2388 Zian was selected for advanced security and tactical training. He completed a six month course and was reassigned to the USS Waterloo, a Sovereign class ship. Zian was thrilled to be reunited with his old friend Tash, who was now a newly minted Lieutenant Commander. Tash had specifically requested Zian as his new Assistant Chief of Security and they once again became a formidable duo. The Waterloo had a diverse portfolio. The ship acted conducted courier, diplomatic, combat, humanitarian and first contact missions. Zian was popular with both the security team and with the command team, including Captain Gerard Duchene. Captain Duchene relied heavily on both Zian and Tash as they navigated many difficult situations. Once more, Zian found himself on the bridge during important situations. It was this that eventually resulted in another life changing situation.

The Waterloo was in the Gamma quadrant, having crossed through the Celestial Temple, when they encountered an unusual ship of an unknown type. In the ensuing encounter, the Waterloo experienced a transmission from the unknown ship. Whether it was an attack or an attempt at communication, the board of inquiry couldn’t decide. Either way the transmission affected some of the crew, causing them to become extremely violent. Zian was on the bridge when it started and the Captain and the XO both went berserk. A brawl broke out on the bridge. Zian was the only person carrying a phaser, which was standard policy under Tash’s leadership. At first he attempted to subdue those affected by the transmission with physical force but the frenzy that gripped the crew gave them increased strength. By the time he made the decision to use his phaser, Zian was almost alone. His first phaser shot proved remarkably ineffective. Zian heard the captain, call out to the computer to begin the self-destruct sequence. Zian, his mind racing, set his phaser to the heaviest stun and fired at those around him. The shot cleared all around him. With the self destruct countdown sounding, Zian turned to his tactical console and fired on the unknown ship. He’d intended to simply disable the vessel’s power but the shot caused a complete destruction.

As soon as the unknown ship was destroyed, all who had been affected were freed of the influence. Unfortunately some were injured, including Tash, and some suffered mental damage, including Captain Duchene. The XO cancelled the count down and secured the ship. Zian was eventually placed on leave as a court of inquiry examined his actions. He was cleared by the court but when Captain Duchene eventually died from his injury, the crew of the Waterloo turned sullen in his presence. Zian asked Tash for a transfer and his old friend helped him find a new home. He’d spent six years on the Waterloo and leaving was hard. He looked forward to a fresh start