Petty Officer, 2nd Class Fyn Wihone

Name Fyn Wihone

Position Yeoman

Rank Petty Officer, 2nd Class


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Farian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9” (1.75m)
Weight 141bs. (63.9kg)
Hair Color Black, ringlets easily and frizzy
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description The best adjective to describe Fyn’s appearance is “inoffensive.” Fyn is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, though also alien, and an unfamiliar alien to most. Fyn is not an intimidating figure: he’s not that tall and he is slight of build; he smiles too quickly and easily also. The hair is… hard to miss. Fyn has a nest of very curly, easily frizzed black hair which springs and turns of its own volition.

The reality is, despite Fyn’s wish to be innocuous, he stands out. The hair, the simple fact that he is a mostly unknown alien species makes him anomalous among Humans. He wishes he didn’t.

The most obvious alien feature Fyn has is the cartilaginous ridge that rises from his nose bridge, bisecting his forehead. The ridge disappears somewhere under that heap of hair and is about as wide as a thumb. In darkness, the iris and pupil of Fyn’s eye fluoresces much like a cat or deer. Fyn also has a rather noticeable, artificial dataport in the right-center of the back of his neck. Made of a bronze, scuffed satin-luster metal, it seems to be deactivated.

Fyn is usually smooth-faced. Only in the direst of circumstances or extended time away from the comforts of his quarters does a patchy beard start to blotch into place.

Personality & Traits

General Overview By Human standards, Fyn would score as a strong ISFP. He’s prone to introversion and can be a little shy at first, though he generally likes people. He has no problem with being alone, though. He tends to bumble his way through complex conversation and prefers to let the more assertive people in the crowd take the limelight. He’s not that witty or erudite, or sharp tongued. He’s got a good- sometimes dirty- sense of humor and he loves jokes, but he’s usually off on the delivery when it comes to telling them. Probably not a future orator. It comes from being raised in a society that was essentially made of other society’s rejects.

"The work of their hands is usually more eloquent than anything they say." Once said about personalities like Fyn, it rings true for the Farian. Fyn isn't wordy and if he's witty inside, his tongue is a great, fleshy barrier to eloquence and particularly when Fyn is in motion, he can seem a little nervous. He has a few quirks: he tends to nibble at his fingernails and the flesh around them. He fidgets as if his hands must move to keep the rest of his (verbal) brain going where he needs it to go.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Passionate. Fyn may be quiet and a little on the shy side, but his heart beats with passion. When he commits to do something, Fyn is all in, foregoing his normal creature comforts, food or sleep. He feels deeply even if he doesn’t always find words to express it.
- Sensitive. Fyn has always been keen on avoiding conflict and promoting harmony. Though he can be competitive, its always with a sense of fun and goodwill. Fyn understand emotions and is keen to help.
- Charming. In an awkward way. Fyn has a sweet “boy next door” quality. He’s relaxed (when still), he’s warm, he’s generally quite cheerful. He has a live and let live approach. He is quite humble.
- Curious. Science is good, experiencing it from a humanistic, real approach is better.
- Spatial Relations and Eye-Hand Coordination. Fyn tests in some of the highest percentiles when it comes to spatial awareness, particularly three-dimensional awareness of objects and their relation to himself in space. Neurologically, where Humans process sequentially, Farians process certain senses (primarily sight and proprioception) in parallel. It was likely a combination of predator avoidance, and prey tracking. Unsurprisingly, Fyn has unusually accurate aim with a phaser but he declined further training beyond Starfleet's basic prerequisites. He "doesn't like how weapons make him feel."

- Independent. Fyn has been used to living on his own merits for a long time. He never experienced formalized education before Starfleet. As kind and as warm as he is, he is very slow to trust others with details about himself.
- Unpredictable. Fyn has never been good at creating plans or longterm strategies. Without meaning to be, he can be late because he loses track of time in something he’s passionate about. He avoids future planning because he doesn’t like to assume where he will be. This is a Farian trait- longterm thinking is not a skill of the species and may have to do with their “immediate” cognitive natures.
- Easily Stressed. When Fyn is pushed to his breaking point, that charming, slightly awkward boy disappears. He shuts down verbally and emotionally and focuses on how to get out of the terrible situation as easily and quickly as possible.
- Fluctuating Self-Esteem. When someone wounds Fyn, they truly wound him. He has a hard time focusing and doubts his abilities. By the same token, Fyn has lived a life where praise was rare- and as an as-yet undiscovered species (to the Federation) once said: the bigger the smile, the sharper the knife. Fyn struggles with compliments. He doesn't know what to say in response and it brings attention on him that he doesn't know what to do with.
- Nervous Energy and Speech Tendencies. Fyn's mind- particularly his senses- outpace his brain's physical ability to formulate words into what he's feeling or needing to say. Often it comes off as a distracted or perhaps as anxious. In reality his brain is racing and he's having to concentrate on his speech, something he has less confidence in to begin with. Farians think in parallel snapshots, while Humans think within a verbal context. It's worse for Fyn when he's moving (because his senses are that much more engaged). He's a sensitive person and he knows it sometimes frustrates others, which is why he tends to not say much in large groups.
Ambitions Fyn doesn’t know what it means to be Farian. He knows they are a dark reflection of Humanity, that they have not striven for the wonders of Earth like Humans have, but they also never nearly annihilated themselves (instead they have essentially killed their world then used technology to keep themselves alive). Farius is perpetually locked in cycles of oligarchy, criminal syndication, and corruption, and it stopped being a world of only Farians centuries ago. They are similarly diverse as Humans but yet again, as a darker (even dystopian) reflection of them.

Fyn vaguely remembers sprawling, dense cityscape, stunted parks with boys hoverboarding, yellow-brown skies, Tatharoc matches on the tridscreen and industrial grit. Part of him wants to know what he comes from, and a large part of him is concerned that it’ll end up a disappointment. He’s lived among aliens his entire life. Farians are not uncommon around the Jetsam, but it was treated more like something you see like you, and that’s all- like seeing the same kind of car as you own. Somewhere in his chest, there is a desire to experience his roots but he’s trying to steel himself to the real possibility that he’ll feel nothing but sadness.

Fyn has a stronger desire to seek out real family but again, he has worries that he’ll be rejected, not remembered and ultimately disappointed. Part of him says to just keep the Sisters as his family, but that’s like ignoring what is, right now, almost a third of his life.
Hobbies & Interests - Shuttle Rallies: Fyn can be competitive, both with himself and with other people. He loves shuttle rallying- he’ll watch them but what he really wants to do is be in the thick of them.
- Space: Fyn learned to love the wonders of what space creates; the Sisters would don zero-gravity suits and spend a couple of hours in space every day, quietly contemplating its vastness and their minuteness. \
- Tinkering: Fyn likes to take things apart, put them together, see if he can improve them.
- Adventure: Fyn’s always wanting to see what’s over the next horizon. He’ll try many things (but not everything) once.
- Plants: Fyn seldom encountered plants in his young life, but he finds them as peaceful and beautiful as space. He’s trying to learn Bonsai but his skills are still quite… imperfect.
- Pets: Fyn hadn’t grown up with animals, but he has an affection for them, particularly dogs. He hasn’t made the leap to owning one, because he hasn’t got his own quarters being the main reason.
- Art: Fyn is quite visually oriented, and Starfleet Medical has run tests suggesting Farians may be partial tetrochromats. Fyn was fond of making his way through the bazaars and souks of the Navo Jetsam communities. He doesn’t feel like he has great aptitude himself (and he’s right), but he dabbles with painting. He is quite amateur and has never taken up any formal instruction (and probably never will).
- The Daily Jog: Fyn lived so much of his life in a relatively small, enclosed space. To combat that nagging feeling of cabin fever, he started jogging from an early age. He still does it- everyday, about two kilometers is normal. It was normal to see Fyn jogging around the Presidio every morning before classes, and he’ll become a normal fixture of darting around people on the main deck of his quarters before the start of his shift. He calls it his “reboot.”

Family History

Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown Farian Male
Mother Zybit Pilar (Biological- “Wihone” is the name of an Ennani Fortune, given to Fyn as a surname when he was adopted by the Sisters. Wihone is the Fortune of Children and Child-Like Kindness).
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family The Maternal Order of Navo’s Chosen (Adoptive; 11 Sisters in total)

Historical Data

Personal History Fyn Wihone (Weh-ho-nay) is understood to be the only Farian in Starfleet. His species is new to Federation diplomacy and their government doesn’t fit a model which screams, “future member world.” Fyn was an orphan who lived in the supergiant derelict shipyard known as the Navo Jetsam, between Farius Prime and Trill, around a companion red dwarf star to the nonaligned Ennan System.

Fyn’s story isn’t laced with thick, tragic woe: he grew up outside of the post-scarcity society of the typical Federation world, and he understood both deprivation and a subsistence level of existence. The society he came from is a faltering socio-anarchist model: they believed in a lawless collective where whoever put in, got something out. And while the commune had its successes, it has also fallen on hard times. External powers have come in and thrown their weight around.

Scrapper Bridge, one of the larger settlements, was far from a perfect utopia- it has issues with organized crime and exploitation that corrupted the original charter of the station. But Fyn and his fellow orphans were small fry that the two principle crime syndicates had little interest in. Fyn was raised in an orphanage by a group of itinerant mystics from Ennan VI who settled on Scrapper Bridge as a place for their “calling.”

Fyn knows who his mother is, though he only has faded memories of her. He knew that life on Farius had become too hard and too corrupt, and that she stole away on a freighter to the Navo Jetsam. There, things were better for a time, but she simply couldn’t feed herself and her child and something in her past caught up to her. She placed Fyn up for adoption with the mystics and it was the mystics who ended up raising the boy. Fyn doesn’t know if he has more family- grandparents, a father, or any siblings. He was seven when he was put up for adoption.

The order of mystics that raised Fyn- The Maternal Order of Navo’s Chosen- is all-female. They were highly educated; most of them were experts in astrophysics and stellar cartography. Their mission was to experience and contemplate the stars that were traditionally understood to be the Eyes of Navo, the eyes of the Ennani Goddess of Fortune. Like on Earth, faith on Ennan has had to adjust to a secular praxis and the Sisters are more philosophical chaplains and scientists than dogmatic priestesses. The Sisters are on a personal journey of contemplation of their place in the universe and the nature of it.

Because of the nature of Navo Jetsam, Fyn is used to living in space. It is a junk yard of ships from all different kinds of species: it is the same size as an asteroid belt. Scrapper Bridge is a derelict mining station. It is one of the largest ports within the Jetsam itself with thousands of smaller communities of sometimes single individuals nearby. Fyn is used to seeing shuttles and transports coming and going, and he’s used to the polyglot throngs and dozens of alien faces- most of them unknown to Federation science.

He was an obedient, though daydreaming child but he always wondered about the next horizon (as close as he could get to future planning). He never got into serious trouble or entangled with either of the major syndicates. The worst he did was sneak onto a Pakled ship to see its engine core and the Pakleds… weren’t kind. He still has the scar across his left butt cheek.

Fyn also tended to annoy the Zakdorn consortium who tried to impose their version of law on the port area (and always seemed to fail). Life with the sisters was too dull for Fyn and he knew, eventually, he’d have to make his way in the world. They were a maternal order after all- no men. He learned a great deal about space from them, but by age sixteen (when the Ennani treat a person as an adult) he had to go. He’s promised to visit (and he was welcome to), but he hasn’t been back yet.

For a year, Fyn dipped his toes into the harsher realities of the Navo Jetsam. He had close shaves with those willing to exploit a sweet face and tight body, but after minor burns and scrapes, Fyn got savvy. Fyn knew one thing: he wanted a more stable life. He could have scraped by as an apprentice pilot on the transports between the various major spaceports. He could have as easily found himself a piece of junk to call his own and continued a subsistence life scrubbing deuterium from a gas giant aerostat or in a dangerous facility producing antimatter at the back door of a star. His job as a technician required him to get a dataport; he’s since had it deactivated and plugged but it makes an interesting story.

Fyn chose to strike out on his own toward Federation space. He’d heard of the Federation; he knew it was a comparative beacon of light and civilization. It wasn’t one the natives of the Jetsam had favorable opinions of. It was a distant light which cared little about what happened around Navo. The first Federation outpost he encountered was Outpost 321 near the Tzenkethi border, a dingy and outdated post full of officers who didn’t play well with others, were incompetent or were just looking to make points before they retired. It was a disappointing first contact.

Fyn ventured further on wanderlust and skirted the Federation’s Alpha Quadrant frontier for a good eight months. He made a living as a deckhand. If he was lucky, he sat cockpit while the experienced crew piloted a cargo slip. The most exciting events included a freighter which was transporting two Orion Slave Women, and an attack by a species not known to the freighter which chased them into the Arachnid Nebula. During the voyages, Fyn was learning and doing what the sisters had taught him to do best- listen, watch, chart and reflect. Three months before his eighteenth birthday, his feet touched down on a bonafide Federation colony- Vega IX.

From that time, Fyn began a course that would see him enlist in Starfleet. It wasn’t an easy course: Fyn is not a member of a Federation species and he couldn’t claim any kind of hardship or exploitation at the hands of an oppressive regime. In the end an Academy recruiter happened to see him working as an itinerant helper on one of the freighters. They’d originally put Fyn up as an engineer, but Fyn didn’t want to cross what he loved with what a job usually entailed.

Maybe it was a life where what was up wasn’t always an up, or the fact he lived with perpetual transport, machinery for navigation and station keeping; maybe an understanding of how gravity affects the body, the mind and perceptions of it. Fyn scored off the charts when it came to extrapolating an object’s place in three dimensions. He grasped it because he’d lived it- he knew when something would be a close shave near the hull, or when it might be time to get behind an airlock.

He had a “feel for the deckplates” as engineers and pilots call it. It’s a sixth sense and Fyn has it. Nobody ever tested him on it and outside of a well-monitored hand by one of the Sisters on their trips to Vafa Navoa, his experience at piloting was limited. He had a talent that Starfleet Academy could turn into a real, useful skill. But Fyn didn’t go that way. Fyn is a person who sees a job as a job, and his passions as his passions. He likes to keep them somewhat separate out of a concern that what he does love about this world could be taken from him.

Fyn had his detractors: he was “nosebone” or “schnoz” to some of the people who didn’t much like him. Some people called him “Frizz,” which he found much less inventive. His more or less “official” nickname at the Academy was “Junkyard,” which he learned in time to wear as a badge of pride. He came from a strange novelty to most of the Human kids who called a planet home. Fyn lived in a scrapyard of alien tech all his life and he dealt with real aliens and alien thinking.

Fyn’s intentions at the Academy revolved around Yeomanry almost from the start. He understood its role as work because it was how he helped the Maternal Order’s sister with their’s.

Even then, he stuck to some extended training around Jupiter Station and Starbase One, and he sometimes wondered, as he watched the shuttles come and go, if he’d made a mistake. He rode on the Titan Run several times- but what he loved was the far more difficult Miranda Run around the tricky gravitational complexities of attaining Uranian orbit. To this day, the jade green ice giant is one of the most beautiful sights to him. And he wonders what it would be like to take the controls himself.

Still somewhat of a Navo and Farian mind, he hopes to one day own a shuttle and travel from different ports, and maybe enter various rallies. Until then, service in the Federation has its appeal. He’ll get to travel, meet people and see distances, terrors and wonders few on Navo- or Farius- are ever likely to see. He isn’t sure where “home” is anymore- he remembers an unpleasant taste and a yellow atmosphere on Farius… and the metal grind of a magrail. His formative memories are much more around Navo, and he still has some taste for the grit and hands on nature of the Jetsam. But he isn’t sure its home.
Service Record 2289-2290: Enlistment in Starfleet; basic training at Starfleet Enlisted Traiuning Facilities on Starfleet Academy Campus, Presidio, Earth.
2290-2291: Completion of coursework; Assigned to Jupiter Station and Starbase One as a liaison Yeoman.
2291-2293: Assigned as the Yardmaster's Yeoman on Ithemba Station, Uranian Space.
2293: Assigned as Captain's Yeoman aboard USS Ulysses


MEDICAL NOTES: Farians descend from ambush predators on their homeworld; pre-sapient Farians were obligate carnivores and adapted to being partially omnivorous. Farians have an extra set of canines and correspondingly, one less set of molars in the back of the mouth.

Farians have two stomachs, two liver-like organs (no spleen), and two three-chambered hearts (one in the chest, one within the Farian equivalent of truncated intestines). They do not have navels, but instead two sealed slit-like folds on either side of the spine where Humans would find the "dimples of Venus."

Farians are tetrochromats and see more colors than Human beings, and they have superior depth perception. Farians have less pronounced chemoreceptors on the tongue meaning some flavors are blunted. However their sense of smell is similar to Human aptitude, as is their hearing.

Where Humans are capable of great endurance when running or exercising, Farians can run faster but for much shorter periods of time. The fastest non-Augmented Human could run at 28mph/45kph for short periods. Farians are capable of 37mph/59kph for a similar length of time. Farians tire more quickly during any running or rigorous exercise. However, Farians have superior proprioception and are stealthy compared to Humans.