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Captain Vasoch Gor

Name Vasoch Gor

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tellarite
Age 64
Starfleet Service Number VG-3654-7876-ULY

Command Codes


Personality Overview Whilst most Tellarites are known to be impatient and quite impulsive, Gor’s years in Starfleet have taught him to be more patient and considered in his approach, especially in a crisis. Despite this, he still shows strong emotions and loves a good argument, just like the rest of his species. Due to his nature, any arguments are quickly forgotten about by him, even if others have been known to hold grudges. Tellarites, like many other species, have multiple layers of formality and politeness to their speech, but ironically enough, the “Polite Language” that is used to greet translates to an escalation of insults between the involved parties very quickly and Gor is able to switch as if pressing a button and changing a setting on a computer.

His years of fleet experience have made him a formidable talent when it comes to negotiating and completing first contact procedures. He is known to set his mind to a task or direction and will not deviate without extensive deliberation or good reason. Gor is a talented tactician and has dealt with many a foe in his time, even developing a somewhat fearsome reputation amongst Cardassian commander’s due to his years around the Cardassian system during the Dominion War.

Among Tellarites, his advanced years have earned him the respect of his people as he is considered an elder, and an honored one at that given his service to the Federation. A talented diplomat and politician, he utilizes his debating abilities whenever possible to find an amicable, non-violent solution to situations. He is also a very able engineer having spent his formative years in the fleet serving in Operations and Engineering positions on a variety of assignments.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Like all good Tellarites, Gor loves a good debate and can often be found debating with some of histories greatest figures on the holodeck, especially scientists and world leaders. Despite his opinionated nature, he loves to stay informed on the opinion of others and loves to read.

As with most Tellarites, his argumentative nature can catch people off guard and whilst he is able to forget arguments, they often hold grudges until they get to know him. Whilst this serves him well in negotiations (the ability to argue for his cause and achieve his goals) it does make conversations and dialogue somewhat lively. From the age of just 6, Gor was always an ambitious person. Whilst it was clear that he was always destined to serve in Starfleet, the Tellarite lacked direction in his formative years until he settled on Starfleet Operations and Engineering courses at the Academy. Unlike most of his people, he liked creating new technologies and starships more than he did repairing things. His keen eye for design saw him work on several projects at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau in-between ship based assignments.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Like most Tellarites, Gor is a stout porcine humanoid with pig-like facial features, in particular his distinctive snout. His skin is brown, coarse and covered in hair; he sports a rather impressive beard and their hands were sometimes hoof-like in appearance. Their lower jaw possessed a pair of small tusks. Standing at just 5 foot 7, Gor is shorter than the average Terran and would be considered overweight by their standards.

His Tellarite legs end in two-toed feet with hooves, and his femur is notable for missing the third tochanter, and that his fibula was vestigial. Like the rest of his species, his digestive system is designed for plants, and as such he has two stomachs which utilize bacteria to break down the food before entering their single intestine. Despite this, canines are a delicacy on Tellar Prime and one that Gor is particularly fond of.

For a Tellarite, his sense of smell and hearing is quite advanced for a person of his age, while he has had corrective surgery to improve his sub par eyesight attributed to most Tellarites. Their poor vision was due to evolving on a world with soft, seasonless mists but his corrective surgery makes it easier for Gor to see in these conditions. As with all Tellarites, Gor is warm blooded and finds most rooms cold as a result. His blood is purple in colour. Interestingly, unlike most Tellarites who are ambidextrous, Gor predominantly favors his right hand for sports, writing and other activities.

Specialist Profiles



Personal History Born on Tellar Prime in mid 2328, Vasoch was the third of six siblings born at the same time, as was commonplace in Tellarite society. He spent much of his early years arguing with his siblings and parents but he had a skill that his siblings lacked; he was able to see the point of others arguments and when it was best to let others win (or at least think they had won) before restarting arguments and debates at a time when he knew they would have to concede defeat. This made him popular among his people as he rarely ever lost an argument. He was also the one most able to tone the arguments down when in the presence of offworlders, which was particularly useful when he reached the age of 12 and thus, adulthood. At the age of 12, Gor and his family moved to Earth to get the Children acclimatized to being in the presence of other humanoids. Whilst his siblings struggled at first, Gor blossomed and quickly developed friendships with Terrans, Vulcans and even an Andorian or two (despite the troubled past between their peoples).

At the age of 14, Gor began his preparations for entering Starfleet Academy. As a Federation citizen, he merely needed to pass the entrance exam and he would get a place at the Academy. As the more studious of his siblings, Gor studied hard for the exams and when the time came, he passed with flying colours. At the age of 15, Gor was granted entrance to the Academy.

2343 was a great year for Gor, despite his difficulties in deciding which field he wished to study in at the Academy. His freshman year saw him work harder than ever to gain the acceptance of those around him and at his ability to hold his tongue at the right times. He defied the opinions of instructors and Cadet’s alike as he bucked the Tellarite trend of finding moving forward with the Academy a difficulty. After much soul searching and advice from his professors, Gor settled on studying Engineering and Operations for the final three years of his Academy education. It was during these years that he discovered an aptitude for design and was part of the Starfleet team that finally integrated communicator functions into Starfleet’s latest commbadge designs – a feat that people had been trying to accomplish for years. His efforts with the team earned him a commendation.

By the time he graduated in 2347, Gor knew exactly where he wanted to work and requested a position at Starfleet’s Advanced Starship Design Bureau on Earth. Whilst most graduates wished to go out and see the stars, Gor wanted to be the one to design the ships that would take them there. His request was granted and Ensign Vasoch Gor commenced work on the new Type-6 Shuttlecraft with his colleagues at Utopia Planitia Fleetyards. The design of the shuttle was a great success and the initial frame began construction in late 2349.

Shirtly after, his superiors assigned Gor to the project team working at Drafting Room 5 of Mars Station at Utopia, otherwise known as the birth place of the Galaxy-class Starship. Gor worked with several senior engineers and learnt an awful lot about Starship design, moving between both the Galaxy and Nebula Development Projects that were running alongside of each other in an effort to get as much experience as possible. Whilst initial designs for both vessels were rejected (a failure in his eyes), subsequent redesigns were successful. Initial spaceframes for the USS Galaxy and USS Nebula were laid in 2352 and Gor was transferred to the Engineering team that worked on the creation of the Galaxy.

The USS Galaxy was completed in 2356 and began year long shakedown trials upon her launch under the command of Captain Garret Yeoh. By this time, Vasoch Gor had been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was part of the engineering team on the Galaxy during her shakedown and subsequent official launch in 2357. Gor served on the Galaxy until 2362 when the ship responded to distress calls from the colony at Setlik III. The ship arrives in time to rescue survivors from the massacre that had taken place and transported them back to Earth.

With life in the field proving to be dangerous and not to his tastes, Lieutenant Gor transferred back to Utopia Planitia where he would work on several projects until he met a man named Benjamin Sisko in the wake of the Borg attack on Wolf 359 in 2366. The pair became heavily involved in the design and construction of a new prototype vessel, one that would be the first of a new small, highly-powered and heavily armed warship; the first of a new fleet to defend against the Borg. Codenamed Defiant, this new starship was Starfleet’s first dedicated combat vessel, and therefore typical luxuries and provisions for families or diplomatic missions were forsaken It’s science labs and recreational facilities were extremely limited. The Defiant-class was heavily armored and incorporated the latest in Starfleet weaponry and defensive technology and was equipped with a class-7 warp drive. The Defiant was considerably smaller than most other Federation starships, but this was done on purpose to make her more agile in combat and improve her survivability.

The prototype Defiant performed poorly on its trial runs. The vessel was overpowered and over-gunned for a ship of its size – so much so that the Defiant nearly shook itself apart when the engines were tested at full power. These design flaws, combined with the decreased urgency of the Borg threat, led Starfleet to abandon the project and place the prototype into storage in 2369. It was a blow to Gor who, like Sisko and the rest of the design team, had poured his heart and soul into the design of the Defiant. Whilst he was made a Lieutenant Commander for his efforts and given a posting of his choice, he couldn’t shake the feeling of failure. At a time when he considered resigning from the fleet altogether, he decided that he would put some skills of his to the test and, with the recommendation of Admiral Layton, he applied for the Advanced Tactical Training program at Starfleet Command. It was a course that was deemed so difficult and challenging that half of the class washed out each year, but that made Gor even more determined to succeed. It took him just over a year but Gor was one of the lucky ones and upon graduating from the course, he was reassigned to the Galaxy-class USS Devonshire as Executive Officer.

As Executive Officer of the Devonshire, Gor put his command skills to the test in several situations between 2369 and 2371. In 2371, the Devonshire was ordered to Deep Space 9, along with several other vessels when Starfleet found out that a massive Romulan and Cardassian fleet had entered the Wormhole and were headed to obliterate the leaders of the Dominion. Following the destruction of the Odyssey the year before, Starfleet feared an attack by the Dominion and as such Devonshire and her group remained at DS9 until it was clear that the joint venture had failed and, for now, the station was safe again.

In 2372, Devonshire was put on alert again, this time following the outbreak of an open conflict between the Klingons and the Federation when the Khitomer Accords were dissolved and the peace treaty between the two allies was officially abolished. The Devonshire was involved in several skirmishes with Klingon forces in and around the Archanis sector. During a particular skirmish with the Klingons, alongside a Cardassian cruiser, Gor served as a negotiator to bring the battle to a head and helped negotiate the successful retrieval of Federation citizens on a world near the Cardassian Border. In mid 2373, the Devonshire is involved in the defence of Sector 001 against a Borg cube and during the battle. The Devonshire survived the battle, but not without suffering significant damage. The ship remained at Utopia Planitia for repairs for the next six weeks, until she is ordered to investigate a distress call from the USS Templar. Upon locating the damaged Akira-class ship, Commander Gor led an away team to the Templar to conduct repairs. Tragedy struck when the two ships were again ambushed by Dominion ships, with the Devonshire swiftly destroyed as they covered the Templar’s withdrawal. Upon a return to SB375, Admiral Ross led a debrief during which time Vasoch Gor was officially named commanding officer of the Templar and promoted to the rank of Captain.