Lieutenant JG Wyatt Spencer

Name Wyatt Spencer

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 160
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Wyatt has the physique of a gymnast because he is one. He is lithe and sinewy, with tightly corded muscles and a firm six-pack, but is by no means look like a weight-lifter. His hair which he wears straddles the border of being within regulation guidelines is platinum blond It has a deliberate mussed look that is still under control. His eyes are a clear crystalline blue of a North Pole glacier

He is blessed, or cursed with fine, delicate features that his admirers would say is perpetually boyish and his detractors would describe as feminine. He would describe himself as the boy next door type.

He moves with the easy grace of an athlete and almost any style of clothing looks good on him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wyatt’s upbringing was somewhat unusual. His family are gymnasts, who are still part of a troupe of fellow performers who travel the galaxy playing before crowds of all sizes. So, Wyatt grew up, literally in the spotlight. He enjoyed himself at the time and remains a social butterfly and an extrovert, but he doesn’t miss the time either.

Gymnastics is now an avocation and a hobby, which he performs for fun and to stay in shape. His real love cultivated from a lifetime of travel is languages (He is fluent in Klingon, Romulan, Farian and Vulcan and he has conversational level understanding of half a dozen other languages or dialects. And while many of his peers on the ships he traveled on sought the glamorous positions like owning a ship, or flying it, he aspired to something more conservative. Communications.

With his love for languages, and just plain old talking and listening, it seemed a natural fit. Another asset that he brings to the table is his connections in high, and sometimes low places and his ability to scrounge needed and desired goods and services.

While he is grateful for and still loves his family he is estranged from them and they are barely on speaking terms. The primary reason for this, especially with his father, is he is not following in the family trade. He is following his own path.

Another reason for the estrangement is his father caught him with another boy, in what would have been his Junior year in a Terran High School. It was not so much the gender of the one he was attracted to, rather it was that in the mind of his father, the other boy didn’t measure up, wasn’t in the same class figuratively, or literally as Wyatt, so Hamilton, Wyatt’s father thro Keval, the Andorian boy out of the house and forbade any contact between the two. That event was the catalyst that caused Wyatt to start to examine his life.

While he is more than comfortable interacting in groups or with individuals, he sometimes struggles in close, meaningful relationships. He would consider himself to be demisexual if forced to put a label on his orientation. He’s drawn more towards relationships and emotional intimacy with any gender and not so much the physical kind. He’s not the type to have a one-night stand. There has to be some emotional connection.
Strengths & Weaknesses Wyatt is a highly intuitive thinker. He is by no means a telepath but he’s good at reading body language and facial expressions, so he’s very good at reading people and calculating how they might react. On the other hand, he struggles with analytical details.

Learning a new operating system might take him a little longer to master than others, but once he does, they become routine.

He’s not the best at long--term planning, but he thinks fast on his feet.

Because of past experiences forming deep relationships with people is difficult for him, yet at the same time, he can “flirt” with almost anyone.

He generally follows the rules and respects the chain of command, but doesn’t just blindly obey either. He has spoken freely in the past, without always seeking permission to do so.
Ambitions n a professional level, while he would consider a command of his own someday, that’s not his main goal, at least for the moment. He would like to rise in the ranks, be the best officer he can be and someday to teach and pass on the knowledge he has gleaned.

On a personal level, he would like to find the right person to settle down with, though he’s not rushing into anything anytime soon.
Hobbies & Interests He is still actively involved in gymnastics and practices several hours He is also an avid swimmer and enjoys more outdoor activities. He does have a bit of a creative steak as well and has written and published, under the pseudonym Daniel Skylar six romance novels about the three members of the Ryder family and their varying romantic adventures. None of them have been published yet, or even sent out for publication, but they sent out for approval, but he tries to work an hour or so a day.

His only other notable hobby, which can sometimes filter in into his professional, is puzzles and ciphers

Family History

Spouse None
Children None
Father Hamilton Spencer 54
Mother Nicole Nee’ Anderson Spencer56
Brother(s) Alex 29, Ryan 26, Kyle 22
Sister(s) Naomi 24, Wanda 22
Other Family Other Family: Various uncles, aunts, and cousins, as well as members of the Travellers the group his family, was part of.

Historical Data

Personal History The Spencer family has been part of a troupe of performers called The Travellers for three generations The group is made up of twenty acts from comedians, to drama performances to gymnast like the Spencers. Wyatt was the second child born to Hamilton and Nicole, arriving on November 17, 2266, three years after Alex, the oldest There were three more siblings to follow, Naomi in 2269 and the twins Wanda and Kyle in 2271

Audience reaction was almost always favorable as was the response of the critics. Many people outside the group saw the life they led as glamorous. And even many inside the group. Wyatt didn’t mind it, there was a lot he liked about it, but he saw it as work.

He enjoyed being in the spotlight, but even at an early age, he knew he didn’t want to grow old doing it. Another thing he discovered early on, was that he had an ear for languages. Not only did he pick up the various tongues and dialects of the diverse species that were part of the Travellers, but even that of some of the various groups they performed before.

As he became older and more aware, he began to truly understand that his father had feet of clay. He let the accolades go to his head and began to think he and his family were superior Though society has become more egalitarian that did not stop Hamilton from seeking for both wealth and power, or at least fame.

Nor did it stop him looking down at others. This troubled Wyatt, even as a young teen, because he at least tried to judge people by the content of their heart. He escaped at first by using his rather vivid imagination He started writing stories. At first, the topics varied widely and the quality was middling at best. But, like with his gymnastics or learning the languages he loves so much, practice makes perfect, or at least it made him better.

Life, at least for awhile imitated art and he fell in love with another gymnast Lucas Cain. Their relationship began as a friendship that blossomed into a romance that soon turned physical They kept things on the sly because the families were rivals.

Things did indeed come to a head when Hamilton caught the act one evening. He could have cared less that Wyatt was with a boy instead of a girl, it was the boy he was with. He threw Lucas out of the house and forbid Wyatt from seeing him again. This command was reinforced when Mister Cain gave his son the same order. Up until that time, things had been a little rocky within the family, but it was little more than normal teenage angst that would have probably blown over.

Instead, it was the beginning of a growing estrangement. Wyatt began distancing himself from his father and to a lesser extent the rest of the family. Then, a year and a half later, two days after he turned eighteen, he caught a ride on a freighter paying his way by working on board as a communication officer primarily because of his talent for languages. This did not sit well with the senior Mister Spencer and he made that abundantly clear, but the two of them were at least communicating sporadically.

Then Wyat joined Starfleet which severed the relationship entirely because Hamilton knew there was no longer any hope that Wyatt would return to the fold.

Wyatt struggled academically at times particularly in the more technical classes, and he graduated nowhere near the top of his class. But graduate he did and most importantly he absorbed the material.

At the ripe age of twenty-one, he published his first book Ryder At Risa to mixed, but generally favorable reviews and it sold enough to get him another book deal.

Over the next five years, Wyatt grew in competence and experienced and became a highly capable officer. Not only was he good at what his creativity, his ability to think outside the box and his connections outside of Stalleet were intangibles that got him noticed positively.

So, when the Ulysses was in its later planning stages his name was put on a list of candidates and after an interview before a review board, Wyatt was selected to join the Federation’s newest ship even though he wasn't sure of any of the details.

Service Record 2386-2390
2390-2391 Starfleet Headquarters San Francisco/Paris
2391-2393 USS Mercury
2393-Present USS Ulyseses