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Commander Garen Romaes

Name Garen Romaes

Position Acting Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 38

Command Codes


Personality Overview Garen is a friendly man and deeply religious. Well mannered and talkative, he is able to put even the most intense of people at ease. Laid back and care free off duty, his attitude changes the minute he dons his uniform. Serious and concerned only with duty, he is an experienced, efficient and popular leader, commanding respect. He is passionate about his beliefs and anyone who questions the will of the prophets is liable to receive the most painful of tongue lashings. Finally, battle hardened after the trials and tribulations of the Dominion and Chakilian Wars, Garen is a confident tactician who finds defeat extremely hard to take.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Garen enjoys socializing with friends and enjoys playing the Terran sport of Soccer in the holodecks. Food is a passion of his and he enjoys nothing more than cooking for his friends and colleagues. He shares an interest in literature and archaic Bajoran music forms.
Strengths and Weaknesses Garen's strengths include being a strong tactician, a talented diplomat and a strong faith in the prophets. His weaknesses include being too friendly, sometimes being too popular and having to live up to quite a reputation.

Physical Appearance

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