Captain Tharia sh'Elas

Name Tharia sh'Elas

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 122lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Physical Description A beautiful woman with an athletic build, Tharia is usually the envy of many; she maintains a great physique despite eating what she wants, when she wants and puts little stock in exercise. She will go to the gym to train but only when she feels the desire to do so. On duty, the Captain prefers to maintain a high standard of presentation and is rarely seen without her full duty uniform (which is always in immaculate condition).

Relatively tall and slender for an Andorian, Tharia has been described by many over the years as having a beautiful, classy and elegant look to the way she presents herself – she has a quiet, sultry voice to accompany her feminine charm. She enjoys keeping her hair well-groomed and changing its style when she feels the desire to do so.

Her hair is incredibly white, her blue-toned skin is blemish free and her trademark antennae move freely atop her head, so long as she isn't angry.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Whilst she looks attractive, with an air of innocence and fragility about her, Tharia (Aria to her friends) has a strong will and a feisty attitude that can be her undoing. Ruthless and calculating and with a keen strategic eye, her aptitude for tactics and thinking outside of the box (where it is rumoured she lives) makes the Andorian the ideal candidate to head up the newest Starfleet crew to head into the wild unknown. Cool, calm and collected, sh'Elas is not your stereotypical Andorian. She is not quick to anger, nor is she known to act in haste, instead she is very methodical in her work and prefers time to think things through before acting.

Tharia is a woman that commands the utmost respect from her crew, usually thanks to stories of her service along the Klingon border and also from tales of people who have served with her and seen her ruthless efficiency up close. She has a vast knowledge of both the Andorian Imperial Guard and Starfleet since the time of its creation; she fancies herself as a bit of a historian. Her service on the border taught her that even the most respectable people can either trade allegiances or tuck tail and run and as such, she often has difficulty trusting others. She is more likely to engage in cowboy diplomacy than gather people around a table to share sob stories and spend days searching for an outcome. But, never the less, this proud woman has made five first contacts since gaining her first command and has negotiated no less than four different trade pacts and diplomatic treaties. She is firm and direct, not believing in molly coddling people and as such, she pushes her officers to get the best out of themselves.

Strong willed with a feisty temper when needed, this woman takes after her father and is full of emotion whilst being deceptively strong. Fiercely loyal to family, friends and colleagues alike, Aria is the kind of woman anyone would want on side in an argument or even in the middle of a brawl. Despite all she has been through, the last surviving member of the sh'Elas clan does have a funny side and loves to socialise when off duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses A talented tactician and well versed in security regulations, weapons and tactics, Tharia is a good woman to be around in a crunch situation. Although she is well grounded in tradition, the Captain has been known to use innovate techniques to get out of sticky situations and is highly creative when required. Despite her flaws as a diplomat and a scientist, she has been able to enjoy some success in both fields over the years and has a new found respect for those in such divisions. A talented pilot, Tharia has flown her way out of many sticky situations including during countless skirmishes with the Klingons (and also a peculiar, grey-skinned people that remain unknown). She is able to think out of the box to formulate tactical manoeuvres and plan escape strategies.

In terms of weaknesses, Tharia can come across as somewhat arrogant at times with a significant ego. This sometimes gives the false impression that she is unapproachable. When she lets someone in, she has a fragility that very few are allowed to see. Her temper has been known to get her into trouble in the past and, whilst it has significantly subsided during her command years, it has lead to some... trying... situations.
Ambitions Tharia's sole ambition at present is to carve out her legacy as the commander of the Ulysses, a ship that is a fantastic opportunity for her to really showcase her importance to Starfleet and, eventually, help her ascend to the Admiralty. But, she's not after a desk job just yet. A successful conclusion to the five-year mission of exploration that she is to embark on with her crew is her target for the coming years.
Hobbies & Interests Whilst she loves to be engrossed in a good novel, Tharia is no book worm. She will spend time socialising and is eager to foster an air of friendship and camaraderie aboard the Ulysses given the incredibly tough, sometimes brutal nature of their mission. She will socialise with anyone she deems worthy of her time and openly chastises those ancient CO's that see fraternisation as a bad thing. To develop the respect and bonds of friendship that make a command successful,Tharia knows she must put in the time and effort to get to know her people; as such, she regularly hosts movie or games nights for her senior staff and has even been known to cook.

In the gym, Aria has been known to practice many different styles of martial arts.

Family History

Spouse Shran th'Zar (Andoria)
Father Thoran zh'Elan
Mother Tempestava zh'Elan

Historical Data