Out of Character Agreement

Members are expected to follow any and all rules and policies of the USS Ulysses. By agreeing to these terms and proceeding with your application, you acknowledge that you have read and will abide by the USS Ulysses Policies. In addition, you agree to license all content you submit on the site to the USS Ulysses, and you affirm that you are at least 16 years old in compliance with our sim rating.

Expectations of all aboard the Ulysses are very high. All are expected to follow the rules and regulations set out on this page, particularly the Ten Commandments of Simming. By joining the crew you affirm that you will write in a proper, adequate, appropriate manner. Members who choose to make ultra short posts, post very infrequently, or post posts with overly sexual content will be removed immediately and at the discretion of the Commanding Officer. By continuing with your application, you agree to these rules. It should be noted that although the Ulysses is not set in a time of war, there may be cases of violence written and applicants should be aware of this.

In Character Information

Our story begins with the USS Ulysses docked at Deep Space Ten in the Trivas System during a near 200 day refit. Applicants have four choices for character creation:

  1. Apply for a senior role with the understanding that the character has already been serving on the Ulysses. There is no need for a traditional 'coming aboard' type post.

  2. Create a new, junior character that has always been aboard the Ulysses and jump straight in as if the character was always there. No traditional 'coming aboard' type post is required.

  3. Create a new, junior character that is an entirely new crewmember and will join the ship at Deep Space Ten. Therefore, a traditional 'coming aboard' type post is required.

Applicants should discuss their choice with the CO before submitting an application. To avoid any disappointment, such as with ranks given or positions awarded, or the potential for rejection, players are urged to heed this warning. No application will be approved until such a discussion has been concluded. We have a strict rank guide that we will be following for the acceptance of characters on the sim.