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In an era of unprecedented tension, the year 2293 finally brings peace and stability to the entire alpha quadrant. Following the destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis, peace talks began with the aim of bringing an end fifty years of hostilities between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet, and the proposal to dismantle all starbases in and around the Neutral Zone. The peace talks at Camp Khitomer are threatened when the Klingon Chancellor is assassinated and the blame falls on the crew of the USS Enterprise but, thanks to the timely intervention of the starships Enterprise and Excelsior, the peace talks result in the signing of the Khitomer Peace Accords and a new era of peace and friendship.

With attention freely turning elsewhere for the first time in decades, Starfleet is ready to begin many new missions of peaceful exploration and scientific endeavour. At Utopia Planitia, “Project Ulysses” enters the final phase of construction and her new Captain is assigned to get the ship and crew ready for an exciting new mission of exploration. The third Excelsior-class starship to be completed, the Ulysses launches to great fan fare when shown to the public for the first time, but the course of peace never runs smoothly and soon enough, Ulysses will become embroiled in a turn of events that will make fifty years of Klingon conflict look like child’s play…

Hidden away on the far side of Mars, Utopia-3 is home to a classified construction project that only senior officers in Starfleet have been briefed on. The vessel is in the final phase of its construction, a name has been chosen and a commanding officer assigned to lead the final stages of this 'Project Ulysses'.

As construction enters the final stages, Captain Tharia sh'Elas, one of the fleets rising stars, assembles the final pieces of her staff jigsaw puzzle and prepares to take the Ulysses on her shakedown cruise to test out a number of technological enhancements. The ship is soon rushed into service when she receives orders from Starfleet Command to launch a covert investigation relating to the sudden disappearance of the Starship Leviathan in a remote sector...


Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.
Explicit violence is permitted, with some limitations.
16+ Rated Sim.

Latest Mission Posts

» Security Parameters

Mission: Favor the Bold
Posted on Thu Jun 20th, 2019 @ 9:03pm by Captain Tharia sh'Elas & Lieutenant Ovik

The Vulcan had been waiting about 10 minutes, maybe longer. He was in fact early, but he did not have much else to do. He had already sent word to his parents, and had already taken in some of the views of Spacedock. He would not have minded a shower,…

» Belonging

Mission: Favor the Bold
Posted on Tue Jun 18th, 2019 @ 10:20am by Captain Tharia sh'Elas & Lieutenant Cara Riley

Reaching Level 14, Lieutenant Riley followed the directions she had been given. You could not help but admire the view offered by the floor to ceiling windows - yet all too quickly they were replaced by office spaces. Glancing down at her PADD, she confirmed the room number before touching…

» Mixed Origins

Mission: Favor the Bold
Posted on Tue Jun 18th, 2019 @ 10:16am by Captain Tharia sh'Elas & Commander Raiycaz “Caz” Atherton

“I’ll miss you.” Caz looked up into Sovak’s eyes. The Vulcan remained stiff but returned the eye contact, in as tender of a way as he could manage. The two officers had taken a transport from Vulcan to Starbase One, in order for Caz to report as directed in the…

» Red Planet to Red Planet

Mission: Favor the Bold
Posted on Sat Jun 15th, 2019 @ 6:45pm by Lieutenant Ovik

The dust storm had just settled from the few days prior, and the cool morning air was sweeping away the last bits of sand and dirt left on the patio of the homestead in the mountains. It was a safe haven, not just against storms, but for the family and…

» Four Years Together

Mission: Favor the Bold
Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2019 @ 3:08am by Commander Raiycaz “Caz” Atherton

“This has been an agreeable four years together.” Sovak raised his champagne flute towards his partner, the statement almost sounding slightly above his usual monotone self.

Caz grinned and raised his own, tapping the edge of Sovak’s glass lightly, “I love you too old man.” This caused Sovak to raise…